Holiday Tenerife

Back from my 10 days in Tenerife wheelchair did me a great job no problems climbing slopes charged every night for next day, felt bit ropey couple of days did panic a bit on takeoff as being pushed back in seat but had inhaler with me, realised 4 hours was long enough weather hot but breeze was nice coming home left all my medication on plane luckily chemiist gave me enough till docs can do me new prescription, assisted boarding was extremely good went straight to front of everyone glad I’m home now.


@Mickyboy welcome home. sounds like you had a good time. Bet it was nice to get some sunshine.


Welcome home Micky, glad your holiday went well. We’re off to Spain in a few days, will definitely be using Special Assistance, we have travelled abroad quite a few times and have always been well looked after.

You can now relax back into being back home and look forward to your next adventure.

Regards Sue

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Welcome home @Mickyboy :slight_smile:

It seems to have mostly been wet in the UK over the last couple of weeks so you missed a bad weather :rofl:

@Susan_Jane have a fab holiday. I too have booked special assistance for my hols in a few weeks time xx