That is an awesome way to name a bear!! How cool. Love a story behind a name! I cried a bit when you said how he cried because all he wanted was his polar bear!! When I was on my way to hospital my housemate said 'don’t worry I’ve got Polars he’s with you :wink:)

May I ask who gave Pooh Bear (simple PB ha ha) to him?

Well seeing as I am having one of those… Want bp below 150 or 100 before bed. latest 103 down from 115 earlier thankfully. Got some music on Days like this Van Morisson at the mo.,

So I try and adopt an animal for someone every couple of months at the moment. So far since S-day as I call it (stroke day 22 nov 22) I have WWF’d the following to people:

Jasmine (9) - Ice - Polar Bear [my fav name of them all i’m afraid as Isbjorn is the Norwegian name for polar bears meaning literally ice bear! - apart from Polar Bear of course]

Ava (2.75) - Bear - Polar Bear (even though Ava can’t really come up with a proper name for her bear, when I see her she rushes over and says “Mini Polars!!!” and holds up Bear and I give her MP and she then sits with them both chatting to them and she knows who is who!! - just melts my heart). Oh and when she walks around to everyone and stops and shows them the bears and says ‘mini polars, bear, grrrrr’ :two_hearts: :two_hearts: :two_hearts:

Emily (3) - Lenny - Amur Leopard (the WWF no longer do Amur Leopard adoption! She may have been the very last or one of the last to get a Lenny!! They stopped literally 2 weeks after I adopted him for her…)

JP (50) - Kush - Snow Leopard (MP’s best friend as JP is mine)

Margaret (78) - Roberto - Rhino

Me - Mini Polar Bear - of course!! (he’s 3 in Feb 2024)

MK (37) - Tiger - Sundar

I have named bears:


Mini Polars

Longyear Polars

Spitzberg Polars

Silver Polars - he’s a mad japanese inspired origami silver polar bear who is genetically engineering giant snow leopards and polars bears to protect him!!

Potty Polars

And my Two PBI tracked bears Barbara and Prudhoe - Babhoe to me :polar_bear: :polar_bear: :polar_bear: :polar_bear: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink:


Plus many many unnamed ones ha ha.

I am aware I’m mad!

Be cool everyone :polar_bear: :polar_bear: :polar_bear: :polar_bear: :polar_bear: :rhinoceros: :tiger: :leopard: :bear: