Hi im lonely


Hi Francine.

So sorry that things don’t seem to have got much sunnier just yet.

I was just chatting to another member about friends and how we have both lost many but the good ones stick around despite us and some come back…

You have a goal to start driving again and that’s good! Something positive to focus on?!

It’s difficult to balance our needs and also recognise that your friends / carers have lives too.

Maybe reach out to one of those 3 and just say look I’m struggling. Could you take me to visit… whatever. something close and would cheer you up!! A local pub for a pie and lemonade - or a nice wine?!?

You are also not alone on here. Keep posting and I promise people will listen.

Take care of yourself but you CAN ask for help if you need it.

Just make that call and see what happens!!

Lots of love Kieran xx

:wink: :polar_bear:

What about local support groups etc? Do you have an occupational therapist or psycologist? Maybe ask your GP they can help - all of those - they have helped me…


@Francine-13 sorry to hear you’ve not been able to go anywhere. I found the same early in my recovery but then I got better at accepting offers of help and even asking people if they minded taking me for a coffee.

I have 2 really good friends who often help me out & i know I am very lucky. I’m sure your friends would help if you asked but they might not know you’d like to go out. They may think you need plenty of rest and are helping you by not crowding you. Xx


Ya lonely because stroke survivors are rarely understood do we feel alone even when with people. Who can understand the fact we could die just like that. No one understands or wants to. I feel compelled to go out and keep busy to stop me thinking