Hi everyone

Hi my name is Michael I had my first stroke when I was 31 I have a medical history that features a brain tumor when I was 10. Since then I have had a few more strokes all of them fairly small mostly affecting strength on my right side. I am currently 33 and just wanted to introduce myself.


Hi Michael @Michael25 welcome to the forum. Sounds like you’ve had some challenges throughout your life. Hope you’re doing ok. Look forward to hearing more from you.



Hi Michael-Welcome! Sounds like you’ve dealt with a lot. You will probably be able to help a lot of people that visit the forum after having had a stroke. There’s a wealth of stroke experiences and infomation here. We also have fun on our Forum Games and Just For Fun. Hope to see you there.:slightly_smiling_face:Jeanne

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Good to hear from you Michael. I hope you find whatever support you need on this site and the other activities connected with the Stroke Association. I personally would like to connect with people face to face but my nearest meeting is quite a way and I can no longer drive so can’t get there. If there is such a gathering that you can get to I suggest you do. It’s good to talk!

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Shwmae @Michael25, croeso. I hope you find the forum a useful resource and a supportive environment.

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@Michael25 welcome to the forum, sounds like a rough ride you’ve had this is the best place for help and to share your story

best wishes

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Hi Michael and welcome to this forum. Sounds like you’ve been on a rough road and will have many things to share. We are a great bunch to offer words of wisdom and advice if you need it.

Another website you may find helpful is differentstrokes.co.uk A UK Charity providing a unique service to younger stroke survivors.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Regards Sue

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Hi Michael, I joined this forum a few weeks ago and have found it very welcoming and helpful. I am sure that you will find a lot of support.

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