Hemorrhagic Stroke

Is he mobile, can he walk? And what age is he, if you don’t mind me asking?

I’m 62 now and my cognitive abilities have improved steadily over the 3yrs since my stroke. To the extent I was back driving around 16mths after my stroke. But no two strokes are alike, and my stroke was mild in comparison to many on here. And yes, I had the confusion and it was impossible to do things like multitasking, decision making etc. I also had aphasia, couldn’t communicate at all in the beginning. I still have mild aphasia but not so noticeable now, and doesn’t stop me from making myself understood :wink:

As for sleep, I got virtually none for the first few months, but I did go to bed and close my eyes, and I “napped” a lot during the day. Now I can get a full 8hrs sleep, I think it’s been that way for at least year now, but the climb to that was long one.

Perfectly understandable being stuck in hospital for so long, I’d have climbing the walls after a week. Not enough brain stimulation, he’s clearly ready for the next phase of his rehabilitation. And that would be to get him into an appropriate rehabilitation unit. He needs to given that chance because no medical expert truly knows what is going on in his head, only he knows that and I assume can’t convey many if any of his thoughts or feeling as yet. It is sooo frustrating and scary as heck suddenly not being able to speak, the sentences can form perfectly in your, you can understand perfectly what everyone is saying but the minute you open your mouth either nothing comes out at all or eventually comes out garbled. Some people do come out with words, that make absolutely no sense, even worse when to their ears they’re speaking perfectly coherently. Mine went from nothing to garbled, to stammering, to simple short sentences to simple conversation. I’m still a work in progress :wink: It did take the best part of 2yrs to reach that point though.

I attend a local Aphasia group where there are stroke survivors in varying stages of recovery, and all with varying speech issues. The youngest in his late 20s the eldest in her late 80s

I feel for your dad and I think you should put your foot down and put an “r” at the end of “badge” and badger the heck out of the hospital to get him into rehab :wink: And reassess his progress from there after a couple weeks maybe. :people_hugging:

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Thank you for sharing - Im glad your doing well -as you say (& is becoming more apparent to me) no two strokes are the same - he is 69.

He has deteriorated quite a bit in the last week & now doesn’t know who we even are anymore.

He was responding well to the small amount of rehab he did receive but they have messed us about no end for weeks & haven’t found him rehab and have now changed their tune & just want him off the ward.

Interestingly he said at the beginning of last week that he felt they’d given up on him & he was going to die in the hospital. Today he’s totally out of it - almost vegetative - it’s heartbreaking.

I’m now angry at the lack of action and care they’ve shown him so will be seeking out legal advice - not that will necessarily go anywhere but that’s where I’m at.


@badge97 so sorry to read all that. I hope there is some way back for your husband. Sending you hugs & best wishes. Xx