Hi Sorry to hear how your feeling, its all very normal so please don't think its just you.  I think all stroke survivors cry, we are different now to how we were before, so things will not be the same, just a new challenge.

I must say that if you were sacked from your job because of your stroke, thats wrong and I would get some advice, if you have a stroke coordinator talk to her or ring the main Stroke Association telephone line and they will put you in touch.  My local group run courses in all different things.  

Talk to your friends, if they don't know how your feeling then they won't understand.  I found that talking really helped.

Wish you good luck Onwards & Upwards.  Lots of people on this site will listen and help if they can.


Thanks Wendy- the work thing was very grey- as I was in hospital a long time they were hot on me getting back to work and I wasn’t ready, they offered me a career break but that would stop my pension and I said why should I? So the decision was to get rid of me- tbh I’m at uni studying something I find immensely interesting so swings and round abouts eh?

i totally get that I need to talk to them- my friends- so we have arranged a meet up tomorrow which is going to be intense.  I’ve just had a good cry with my friend and I do actually feel positive .

thanks for your kind words

Hi Sassywak, I've just read your post and as a fellow stroke survivor, there are good days and bad days. For me fortunately the stroke was a good thing as they found I had a so got a brain aneurysm 

That was incredibly fortunate are you ok now? 

I think I was particularly down when I posted that- reading on forums from like-minded people has been a help.

Good morning.  I'm getting there. They managed to treat the aneurysm but I now have double sided epilepsy. I understand what you mean, I think most if not all survivor's have their down days, I know I dosmiley. Keep smiling, and I wish you a speedy recovery 

Thankyou ?

My pleasure wink

Hi Annie, I had a subachronoid Annerysum in March this year. Because I have another illness I go to which has been set up I go there twice a week. I am very emotional at the moment and I am having some councelling next week. Do you have any hobbies or animals. I use a walker to walk

 Why do you think your friends don't want to know? Perhaps if you ask them round for a coffee. Are there any Stroke group near you. 

I have some friends but don't see them a.lot but I talk on messenger on fFacebook. 

Best wishes Claire Xx

We had a talk all together- it seems the main issue was me not saying how I feel which I appreciate, but I still don’t think they get it.

ive tried- I think being off uni for the summer has gave me a lot of time to dwell on things.

i like doing craft type things so I am trying a lot of these but it’s hard with my right hand being as it is but I try.

I'm sure it was tough for you, but you did it! Another step forward, so well worth doing. Sending you an electronic hug. ?

Hey Annie. I had a stroke due to an AVM in May this year. Although physically I'm well(ish), the mental toll is huge. There are so many people here who have made me more accepting of everything. Crying is normal. I cry almost daily. I also feel like my life was stolen away from me. But I'm trying to focus on the tiniest good things. People care more than you think they do, they just don't know what to say (hence the ' you look well' complaining I do!). I made new friends online to talk to about this. It's reassuring & comforting, but not embarrassing or awkward because I can cry while I write. Stroke makes so many things seem like impossible and your life seem like sh*t sometimes... but I've learned that's not true.

Someone else will tel you something more eloquent & useful... but you're not alone in how you feel at all.

Jo x

Your words are heartfelt Jo, therefore eloquent, poignant and very special.  You have already made such a journey - it's evident from your posts how much you have taken on board, and it's supported you as you've moved on with your life.  You've been through the worst, and now you're moving on - you've been incredibly brave and honest and it's still early days.  If I had a crystal ball I'd predict great things for you!!  laugh xx  GO JO!

Being different is sometimes a good thing - many of the most successful people in the world often have something 'different' about them (don't want to say X factor).  Stroke may have released something in you that may have been undiscovered, being at uni is a great opportunity and may lead to many positive experiences.  Best wishes xx

I hope so ??

Oooh I hope you're right! Thank you for your message :-)

I am sure you are doing well what ever we do. I don't think anyone really understands what people have been through because it has not happened to them. Even family think you are Ok they are getting on with there lives. I wish you well, kind regards. We just have to keep going as I know from an another illness I jhav had for over thirty years x

Hi don’t feel alone I know that is a faze that most of us go through with our recovery I look at my freinds and think I wish I could still dress like them wear those lovely shoes and just join in as I UAE’s to I’m 18months post stroke and feel differently now are you part of a stroke group because until I eventually went I felt totally isolated no confidence only going out for appointments since joining my stroke group I started going out with them for meals trips this gave me confidence and made me feel safe as they had all been through it we just in different stages of recovery from joining the group this helped me to have the confidante t9 yes yes to friends now I’m hardly ever in I’m driving again and always Cary a pizza cutter with me daily so I can cut up my own food as my arm hand still doesn’t work I still cry and also have little panic attacks but I’m over coming it I see there is life after stroke and a lite at the end of the tunnel please don’t feel alone and isolated xx

How do you add a profil picture ? Thank u in advance I’m finding this site difficult to understand I’d be on here more if I could understand it xx

Last April I went for an interview to be part of a new stroke ward team we had lots of training over the months that followed with the stroke association and in September are team of 8 stroke survivors started our first session supporting stroke paitients on the wards and their families carers wev done it for 3 wks now and it looks like it’s going to be a great success I am so happy to be apart of it because my vision and goal is to turn the negative of my stroke into a positive by helping and supporting others who are going through it or are being affected by it 

You're amazing - keep up the great work - the pizza cutter is a great tip ?