Help with getting apps the Play

OK All give it one go.


All this is new to me and I just want to get some advice. My problem is my computer, (Chrome, all pop-out disabled), just want load any videos. I get a pop-out which displays the content of the video and than nothing happens. I did leave something on here about a week ago but no-one showed any interest, so I guess that if that happens again then I will have to left you.

Hi Elmo

Sorry I'm useless at technology - sending emails and just general searching is all I can master.  I don't even have a smart phone so have never uploaded or downloaded anything I'm afraid.  I'm sure someone on here more tech savvy should be able to help.  It is a bit quiet on here lately maybe everyone is sunning themselves in the garden or away for the bank hol.  

One of the problems of this site is when you post something, it appears on the front page.  If a conversation starts between 2 or 3 people, your post quickly disappears of the front page within minutes and there is no way of finding it again without trawling through the whole site.  It's not that you are being ignored as such but just that people haven't seen your post before it disappeared.  It is one of the faults of the site that annoys everyone!  

I'm definitely going to look up your recommendation of Bach!  I love classical music and it helps me unwind.

Hi Onwardsandupwards

Thanks for getting back to me. The thing that I AM good at computers, and I haven't got a clue. Without the advice I might as give up.

Exactly as onwards and upwards explained. Only the latest ten posts show and with some of us writing every day, posts disappear. 
also, i have been ok with computers, until a stroke disabled me. Now i cant work my own, let alone direct someone else. 

i was on the old forum, about three years ago. Posts didnt disappear on the old version. Theres progress for you.

stay positive


lots of us are here for you


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I  agree with you Colin  I am a beginner with the computer. My husband got me a laptop just to go on this forum which has been very useful to me but I have got no idea what I am doing most od the time. I cant find my way round the stroke site which I get very frustrated about. Thanks for all you messages Colin I enjoy reading them very much. Norma. 

Hello Elmo, 

I use Safari and it is fine. I wonder if you tried another browser, depending on the PC you use, you should have either Safari or Explorer as the primary default browser, unless you are using a Chromebook. 

YES! Thank you Rups. I just needed a different browser, and went with Firefox, and bob's your uncle you can watch videos playing. 

Plus, it means I can keep My Stroke Guide on in the background whilst I do other stuff in Chrome

No worries. 

In my previous life, i got to grips with computers. 
but the stroke association site is not easy at all. I always think i am missing bits on this site.

if my missives have helped just a fraction then that pleases me.

thank you


Hi Colin,

The words you used that the had most influence were;

"stay positive


lots of us are here for you"

That really helped so a big thank you



They are my mantra. 
We have to be positive, thats us, no one else can do it for us

Smiles cause the brain to feel better and to work to our advantage. I would smile dozens of times each day for the first three years. False, forced, fake will do, even if you want to cry or scream.

and there are lots of us here, so many stroke survivors, a million i believe.