Help, Mum day 5 post stroke and ups and downs, I’m so scared

Have you read the post 40 things

It may give you more perspective?

A problem maybe that the qualities that you are used to in your mother and you assume are still there are going to be on pause at the very least and possibly have been damaged & changed, possibly destroyed.

Whatever the case is, there is a balance to be struck that no one can truly know what is best between giving space now or pushing now and it’s possible whichever choice you make will be right or wrong.

I know that’s not helpful as I’ve stated it.
The helpful, I hope - advice is - this is going to take many months probably some years so maybe ease off a bit because I’m guessing that non-communicative means energies used up elsewhere.
forcing something is making demands on reserves that aren’t there. If it was my experience it would have been counterproductive in fact it still at 36mths
when I shut down it’s because I can’t do something else and tough love is mistake is that just me perhaps ?
others will say if they would benefited from it a push or not - I suspect not in the 1st 6 to 12mths

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