Help! @IanM "Whole body TIA" What is that?

Anxiety and stress put a lot of pressure on your brain. By calling out the paramedics you have taken that pressure off! Thus giving your brain a much better chance to recover in the long run. So that call was actually worth it :smile: Not calling them out is just gambling with your life! I’m sorry you’ve had another TIA but so glad you made that call :people_hugging:


@EmeraldEyes thanks for the encouragement :slightly_smiling_face:. Just resting the last 24 hrs.
How long has FAST been at the top of this site. It’s caused me one or two difficulties. Like Tuesday night, when hospital Dr didn’t believe that I had suffered a TIA. I think I said that. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:. Apologies.
Kind regards @IanM.


Not sure how long it’s been at the top of the forum home page, but it’s been with the Stroke Association for years.

Yes, FAST doesn’t cover the half of it, does it :face_with_diagonal_mouth:
And I don’t think it applies for TIA’s at all. Ok, I showed all those classic signs with mine but so many many others didn’t show those signs at all.
The medical world need to be re-educated in all the signs for stroke, because there are many in the medical world who are now blinkered by that slogan which is putting lives at risk. I know of at least one member on here was misdiagnosed because they weren’t showing the classic signs of stroke.


@EmeraldEyes thanks for that :slightly_smiling_face:. Omron the provider of ECG, BP Monitor’s etc are doing the same. I wrote them a pointed but soft email. Got a reply to say they would consider their wording. Never be afraid to take on the big guys for the sake of those who can’t. Ooops!!! I sound rather fierce there. Apologies :face_with_peeking_eye:. @IanM


I really really really really really really strongly think you’re not “atypical” but that FAST is thoroughly, dangerously misleading.

Some-one collection of signs that apply 20% of the time when no other indicator applies 20% of the time IE all other indicators have a frequency in total that is 80% and a frequency individually that is less than 20% does not make the 20% a reliable comprehensive test

And also interested that you described this as the TIA. I frequently have odd feelings that come on and off again without explanation. Should I be pulling in TIAs? My MRI is showing that I had multiple undiagnosed incidents previously. I have an appointment on Monday next week after ringing my GP surgery about a visual disturbance on Thursday evening - weather or not a MRI will be used to diagnose that I think highly unlikely and I’ll get the same responses normal that is "don’t know here’s some aspirin”

Given the potential seriousness of a full blown neurological impact it seems a false economy for the health service and the massively wrong course of action for me personally.

Was it Warren buffett who said there are four types of Search for value? Somebody else’s money spent on somebody else, your money’s spent on somebody else, somebody’s else’s money spent on you and you’re money spent on you.


Hi @IanM
Yeah it’s almost a scandal isn’t it that it’s at the top of the site but have you clicked the link because it takes you to the last post in the thread…

And have you seen Did ANYONE have classic FAST symptoms

There are in fact many who are misdiagnosed due to fast. there is a petition in the Scottish parliament to have fast reviews because it led to the death of a councillors father - he who knows how to crank the political handles -
Did ANYONE have classic FAST symptoms - #79 by SimonInEdinburgh

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