Help! Any advice welcome!

Hello everyone,

I'm looking for advice please, I am 10weeks post stroke and the worst symptom I have is the terrible numbness and heavy feeling down my right side!

I can move my arm and some tasks I have to concentrate like grasping with my fingers but I have no feeling in it at all and the heaviness is so uncomfortable I cant explain how horrible it is!

My doctor has prescribed gabapentin which makes me sleepy, I make myself use my right arm for everything and I've taken up knitting! I'm told the repetition is good to help my brain find different pathways to communicate with my arm!

Is there anything else I can be doing to help myself at home, there is a physio appointment scheduled but I don't have a date yet, I'm really struggling with this and when I read everyone else's stories of recovery you are all so positive and brave this complaint I have seems so insignificant!

I would be really grateful for any advice xxx

Hi tr. After two and a half years, my weak left side still has heaviness in the shoulder and my fingers lack sensitivity and my arm can jerk  when tired. I find pegging out clothes helpful, as is folding things. Also try touching the tip of each finger of the weak hand with the thumb and repeating this exercise over and over again. Another exercise it to take a small box and attach clothes pegs round the side. Take them all off with the weak hand and put them all back on again. Seated Tai Chi helps as well. Essentially, utilise the weak hand as much as you can. Things do get better, but need constant repetition.

Hello sorry to hear about your problems, but welcome aboard on the journey to recovery. I was lucky and did not have any numbness, but someone I met on a stroke course had and was advise to get a soft rubber ball to squeeze in the effected hand and something else to roll backwards and forwards under your foot.  you could wrap some material round a rolling pin if you cant find anything else.  The physio people should be able to help as well. Try to get hold of a local stroke group who will be able to give you some advice on all sorts of things.

Good luck Wendy

Hi. I had my stroke April 2017, I lost complete use of my left arm and hand. I worked with the physio and occupational therapist to do different exercises. I was given I booklet called grip. It has 30 + excercises which included putting clothes pegs around a jar top; picking buttons up and putting them into an empty jar; the same with lollipop sticks and matches; folding a tea towel, and moving a food tin on a kitchen top in different places. Good luck

Morning everyone,

Thanks so much taking the time to send me your advice,

The Occupational Therapist has been coming out to the house and I have been doing much the same as everyone else and there is the slightest improvement in my arm, I'm making plans to go back to work, I am a midwife of 23years so as you can imagine its a big deal going back to work in a really busy unit, this whole experience has been utterly terrifying , everyone is different and the worst part for me has been coming to terms of how this has affected my body physically and nobody can tell you what the outcome will be, there are people like yourselves and groups like this to give such valuable support and helped me feel a little less vulnerable!

Onwards and upwards xxx

Dear Tr

I have been reading posts to the SA forum for a long time. Three months is very early to return to work. Nine months is more typical and even that is often far too soon.

It is nigh on essential to phase a return to work. One day a week is likely to pole axe you at first. 

You mention physical problems but none of the mental/cognitive stuff that the majority of us suffer. I do hope it is "only" physical for you. You have edged forward with your arm which is good.

It seems we get about two years when recovery is reasonable. But we have to keep at it. Even more than two years we can get recovery but it is slower and harder. 

It is so easy to overlook that our bodies and limbs are actually fine, and that its just the messaging from our brains that is wonky. I go for group therapy and never cease to be surprised by what is really going on inside my head. 

You are a valuable health worker and the health service needs you. But we want you back as a fit well and happy person. If that takes a year then so be it. Yes we are all different, we do however share many common features.

After two years there was no way I could work. But after 30 months I took on a small voluntary part time job. It was torture at first. But once I got on top of it then I slowly eased back in to the commercial world. Mine was a small infarct and physical recovery was fast, dare I say miraculously fast, but the damage inside my head needs time and assistance. We do get there. But we get there in the slow lane, the very slowest lane.

I trust your OH has stroke experience

Best wishes




Hi 10 weeks is very early days - for me it has now been 18months since I had a stroke - I lost complete use of my right arm and leg for 3 weeks - gradually movement began to return with the help of lots of repetitive exercise, under the guidance of physio and OT and lots of determination on my part.  I returned to work after 5 months and being back helped my movement even more. 18 months on I still every day have the heaviness you describe it is worse when I am tired but I just look for the positives and am so thankful that I have movement, I do not trust the strength in my arm like I used to and walking is sometimes a bit wobbly but both bits are still in working order which I am very thankful for, my advice is keep up with the exercises and stay positive.