Hello to everyone

I am Lyn from Liverpool I am 68 and had a stroke on 11th September 2018. I had a dental abscess and had gone to see my dentist for treatment , she told me that the infection was so deep, the tooth had to come out immediately, she numbed the tooth, I went back into the waiting area for it to take effect, and it happened the worst experience of my life, I had a stroke , I was lucky , my husband who is a retired GP was with me, the dentist and her team were amazing , and I will be forever thankful for her prompt actions which I am sure minimised the damage, I was inside the 4 hour window so was able to have the clot buster treatment , I was lucky my mobility wasn’t affected, only my speech, which did recover, I struggle sometimes with odd words or words that won’t come , although more when I am stressed or tired, like most of us I have post stroke fatigue, which I try to manage, but as we all know it’s hard, and of course my emotions are all over the place,  and I have days when I grieve for who I was and the life we had, my husband and I are both retired and we had a very social life and travelled a lot , we loved going on cruises and had a lovely life, but I am determined we will get some of it back again and am so thankful that I am here and a stroke survivor. 

Since having my stroke I have had 2 further hospital admissions with a further suspected stroke, I lost my speech and bp extremely high. The ct scan was inconclusive, and they found I had a urine infection, and put it down to that, the Dr said the infection had triggered off the previous stroke symptoms.I have never heard of that ,has anyone else?

It has taken me until now to be able to share my story with you all , I have read so many stories from this forum and can identify with so much and so many of your posts.

Thank you all for sharing and God bless you all.  Lyn x






Hi Lyn. Every recovery is different but it sounds to me that you have a really positive approach. I’ve just taken the next step of moving back to living on my own and a v slow phased return to work. It’s not easy but I’m not ready to give up. I admire your spirit. Take care. Jacquie x

Thanks Jacquie , I wish you all the very best in your next step, Lyn x