Hello and I am scared


I am 50 years and just had a stroke.  I can't type perfectly, and my speech is often jumbled.  I cycle a lot but I am most scared about my car. 

Please help me understand what is going to happen?


It's a scary time isn't it? What is it you want to understand? (sorry not sure from your post).

Hello Wayne.....I too am most scared about losing my car and not being able to drive. It is so restrictive. I had a sub arachnoid haemorrhage at the end of April. Informed DVLA when I was discharged, only know that DVLA are contacting my consultant, who I don't see until the end of the month. Car has to go....no one seems to want to buy it....I need an automatic when I eventually do drive. I think we all feel abit a drift, but this group is still growing so I believe it will be useful. We can support each other with our bits of knowledge as and when we find out.


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Hi Wayne I'm 58 had a poci stroke in April ,I couldn't walk or even sit up in the hospital ,I had double vision ,but in the week I was in the hospital,I walked,and I had a prism in my glasses which stopped the double vision ,I am now back driving after a eye test at the hospital and am hoping to return to work the end of the month ,everything is possible just had work trying to be positive and step by step you will get there ...there's been many tears believe me ,I've had fatigue meetings which is helping and I'm also seeing a phycologist...I had tucked away so much from the past the stroke woke it all up and now I'm trying to deal with it with help ,also now the mental health team are probaly going to step in but if it helps then that will be brilliant ,my message Wayne is it's a challenge but with determation you will make good progress ,and if you take one positive out of the day then your winning ...pippy 

Hi and welcome.  When you left hospital, you will have been given a discharge letter and a copy sent to your GP.  Your stroke consultant normally tells you in hospital whether you have to inform DVLA that you cannot drive due to your stroke or, depending on the severity of your stroke, if you have to refrain from driving for the mandatory month and then drive again.  Jumbled speech is very common.  I still talk this way sometimes even after 4 yrs.  Your brain is re-wiring itself and it will get muddled up in the process so try not to worry as it is all part of the healing process.