Heavy Limbs

There say I got sprain it looking let me on settee of beat

Hope you recover soon from sprain. Good it wasn’t anything worse xx


Hope it mends soon done it myself on my curling over drop foot hurtss a bit but masked by left side pain and numbness, good fortune

It dose hurt but it’s all the stroke does lol :pensive:

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Hi @Mrs5K …I’m so pleased that you posted this question ! Not pleased for you obviously as I understand how frustrating it is…but pleased because I’ve been able to print it off and show all the responses to Mum.

These are the exact words she uses about her stroke affected left leg - so it has given her some comfort to know that others experience the same.

This can happen when I’m helping her to get in and out of bed. She has some control but the leg seems too heavy to keep up for any length of time.

Mum is 83 and just over two years post stroke. She had limited physio due to the pandemic but has some exercises she can do if / when she feels up to it.

Although mostly attributed to the stroke, she also has arthritis in her knees and osteoporosis in her back and hip - so this has an impact as well.

Just hearing that others feel the same has helped, and I think the responses have shown that it is completely NOT unusual following a stroke.

Maybe it would help if physios, occupational therapists, consultants and GPs were to look in at the forum once in a while !!

Best Wishes,

@Craftchick thanks Karen. Im sorry your mum has this issue too but glad she has found a little comfort in knowing she’s not alone. I have found a little comfort knowing it isn’t just me as well.
I will mention the responses to my physio at my next visit and see what she says.
Hope your mum goes on ok.
Best wishes xx

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Hi mrs5k I to have heavy limbs had my stroke seven years ago getting on great for two years. Started to mention to my physio and doctors about my leg and arm is getting heavier and heavier all they kept telling me was keep doing your exercises then the doctors referred me for physio they inform me that I’ve been doing the wrong exercises so I started to do the ones they gave me but still no joy. I even went private physio and they told me I was doing the wrong exercises :joy:. Eventually the NHS sent me to see a neurologist who said this is common I’m trying out all different pills to help I’ve been informed it won’t go completely but there is hope. But please still do your exercises and ask your doctor to get an appointment with a neurologist I hope this helps.

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@Martin thank you for sharing your story. That definitely helps thank you. If it doesn’t start to resolve soon I will definitely get a referral done.
Hope you are making good progress. Best wishes

Hi Mrs5K
I had a stroke 4 months ago, my Right leg and right arm have been affected, fortunately I am able to move around. But do suffer with a heavy feeling in my right leg from the knee downwards and in my arm . When I am more tired or have walked further than usual the heavy feeling increases. I have described it as having a lead boot on my leg. When I over use my right arm I can still get shooting pains through the upper arm muscle. I have not had any physio yet but i am having a private consultation with a physio next week who specialises in stroke rehabilitation. (At a great cost) but I am sure it will be worth it to finally get some help. My OH told me that most recovery can be 18 to 24 months, then this recovery slows down. I will let you know how Physio goes and any tips.
I hope you get some answers and continue to make progress, everyone tells me you have to be patient, it takes time. Frustrating I know, but, Don’t give up, stay positive, Be kind to yourself.

@Ke-N2pe32 thank you. The way you describe the lead boot feeling is how I would say my leg feels too. hope your consultation goes well & 7d definitely be interested to hear what they say. Take care

No problem I will let you know how it goes. D

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I know what you mean about the exercises. If I did all the exercises I’ve been given over the years I wouldn’t have time to do anything else. I have now narrowed them down to 2 hours worth of the most recently given exercises (from my ARNI trainer). I found that the NHS physios tended to use ‘one size fits all’ exercises and didn’t see you for long enough to be bothered whether they working or not.

Hi minneB know what you mean about NHS physios they must all read the same book lol. I Live alone so the time I wake up get out of bed and shower having breakfast I’m shattered then there’s the housework kitchen and bathroom is the hardest far as I’m concerned it’s all exercise just getting through the day​:joy: just joined a gym for nothing manager managed to get me some kind of grant for the disabled. Every Tuesday morning I’m just loving it. gets me out on to a bus. I think these are the things should be teaching us to do all the best Minnie keep smiling :blush:

Talking about heavy limbs I was on the bus the other day when this lady sat next to me, I moved up a little bit and sat Quietly when all of a sudden she turned to me and gave me the most horrible look whereupon I just smiled back. She got up said something under her breath and got up and moved to a Seat at the back of the bus where I suddenly realised that my left leg which I have no feeling in and heavy was resting upon hers :face_with_hand_over_mouth::joy:


@Martin sorry, that made me giggle a little bit. A little bit awkward for you. :grin:

Lol :joy::rofl::joy: at least you you have full seat again

Hi Martin I have the same problem for 2 years now. Also Have you ever hit your funny bone? If so you know that Shock you get as soon as you hit it before the pain sets in? Well I have that feeling 24 hours a day everyday since I had my stroke 2 years ago. No matter what I do it won’t go away as well as my whole right side always being swelled up 24 hours a day everyday also. Doctors tell me same bullshit they tell you.

Hi Asanue that’s a good way of describing it do you get the Burning feeling on top of everything else as well? I had my stroke 7 years ago. My problem came on slowly over the years and just gets worse and worse sorry to say that😂 . Went to see a pain Doctor, and he said he will put the dosage upon the pills I’ve got but if they don’t work he suggested CBD But don’t buy it over the Internet and to see professional Doctor first. Read about it over the Internet it’s very interestingSo I’ve got my self some capsules from boots chemist and I’ve given them a go🤪 Don’t know if it’s my imagination but something is happening all the best to you asanue

Hi Martin

I’m interested to know how use of the CBD capsules has gone - appreciate it’s not quite been a week but anything to report?

Hi DDMH I don’t know,that may sound silly one minute you think something is happening then back to reality. I’m going to use the oil under the tongue apparently that gets in your system quicker than capsules,so Watch this space I will let you know in a couple of weeks🤞