Headaches post-stroke

Think I may have posted this a while back. If only ! A day or two before my stroke while out walking in dark saw white ribbons dancing before me,mentioned to my wife but as I was a healthy bomb proof individual thought nothing of it. Was surprised by a few seconds of slurred speech when checking a WhatsApp before sending it,p about same time , didn’t think at all about it. I Had had two wee Tia ‘s and hadn’t registered them .
All due to very HBP. Then wham a right side haemorrhage leaving me with peripheral vision loss from both eyes on left. But thinking back a year or two was aware of becoming a little bit clumsy and was prone to occasion tripping resulting in sprained wrist and ankle when 70ish.


I wonder if all these things are signs but as we think we’re healthy we just ignore them. After all it is very difficult to go to a dr & say i had a fleeting moment of… they’d probably say we were tired or everyone does things like that.

Hindsight hey.

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I’m sorry for the loss of your wife - and It does help to try to understand the whys and wherefores of such a traumatic event. It’s 12 years since my husband died and I still have moments where I look at certain pivotal moments of his illness.
I think a lack of magnesium played a large part in my history of frequent aura migraines. Certainly they decreased dramatically, after my stroke, when I did begin to take it, though I do continue to have a mild aura now and then.

I’m disappointed that I can find no clinical research being done in the migraine/stroke connection…someone must be, somewhere! My aura migraine turned into a stroke within a couple of minutes, and as such is termed a migranous infarction. I have logged all the migraines that have since followed, and how they changed with taking magnesium. These infarctions are rare and you’d think a clinician somewhere might be interested, but…….as the consultant who diagnosed my stroke somewhat offhandedly said it was due to age and cholesterol (which was good, not even high :roll_eyes:) and paid no attention to the migraine connection, in my records migraine is not even mentioned. Ah well…… water under the bridge, etc. But it was interesting reading your comments, and I would think there are people out there who could benefit from magnesium supplements. There are different forms of it which can target particular needs, and the actual amount of elemental magnesium is often much smaller than the larger, eye catching total amount shown on a bottle. It can get a bit complicated! Thanks for posting your comments, and keeping the conversation about migraine and strokes out in the open.

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Hi @Poozle
Sorry to hear of your loss - I guess time has given you perspective?

There’s writings on the topic of stroke & migraine EG



had a wider treatment which brought in PFO, silent stroke etc

IF we were more of a purpose driven COMMUNITY then we could bring influence to beat on some of the funding the SA hand out :slight_smile:


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Hi Simon, Thanks for your reply and the links…. Google scholar is great, isn’t it! I had seen some of these articles, and had hoped to find results for recent papers. Most seem to be 2017 and earlier……and all interesting, but if there’s no real money to be made in a research subject it can be pushed aside from lack of funding. We need big Pharma but they do play an important role in what gets looked at.
Stroke seems to be a condition that doesn’t push the button with people’s interest…… until you have one affecting you or a loved one. I really enjoy, and learn a lot, from listening to the podcast Movers and Shakers, a group of well known, articulate people who have Parkinson’s. If you don’t know it have a listen - a lot of interesting, new stuff happening with PD. And the podcast has caught the attention of the wider world, putting a spotlight on the disease which seems to be sparking action here and there. A similar podcast with some interesting people who live in the stroke world would be great to have.
Ah well…. On we all trundle. :blush:
all the best. Virginia


Let’s do it :slight_smile: !!

We could be Wobbling Warriors.

I’ll have a listen to m&s

Yep GS is good
Research Gate too, Microsoft academia… Infact see

I’ve Heard the theory more than once about the reason everybody gets statins to take is because big pharmer need it to fund all the other research :slight_smile:


Wobbling Warriors :rofl: Love it!
Thanks for the Microsoft academic link.
Well, that sounds a possible explanation for statins explosion…global sales quoted at truly astronomic levels …. That would fund more than an ice cream or two. :thinking:
Add that to the fact that docs often feel pressured to prescribe so that the patient feels something is being done 2+2=?
But….dont get me started on statins :roll_eyes: