Head pain

Hi all I have found recently when I am doing my exercise or I'm concentrating , i sometimes get pain in my head on the area that the stroke occurred,as soon as i stop the activity the pain ceases,i was wondering as anyone else experienced this?

Regards Sue

HI sue I have experienced something very similar I seem to constantly live with a strange headache which I can only describe as a hagover headache, although I stopped drinking over a year ago it is constant and not when I do something specifice though I have discussed it with my GP who simply says take paracetamol although this has no real effect at all I do worry that it is possiblty the start of another stroke but he thinks not I would suggest you talk to your GP about this and hope he is more interested than mine

Hi Sue

Yes - I've had that too. Brain ache. Usually if I get stressy about anything and sometimes after certain excerise if I do too much. I found the best way to describe it was 'as if you had a recent burn on your skin that tightens up when moving' but on your brain!! 

At first I thought it was another stroke looming  - but it has lessened over time. My consultant said not to worry - it is the healing process.


Hi Sue

I had an occipital stroke almost 6 months ago and I used to get a pain/ hurt in that area of my head after concentrating on things or like you after exerciise. It had gradually diminished over time but there are still occasions when I get twinges there and you alsways worry that it is another Stroke but after a while you just get used to it. 

Its unfortunate that the GP' have such limited time now to carry out consultation. My own after discharge from hospital was completed in 10 minutes with all records entered, no automatic updates between GP and hospital who did not have any info of my admission to hospital with stroke and then blood pressure check with addtional Ramprill being prescribed. Told to book a blood test and that was basically it.