Have I had another stroke

Hi there, looking for any advice, before going to my dr, 

Im 3 yrs post stroke, not fully recovered still left with certain issues... 

However been under stress recently and not felt myself since..

Ive felt very vacant, not confident in driving, getting lost even with sat nat on, knocking myself (spatial awareness) doesn’t seem right, fatigue has come back in full force, left eye twitching. Serious brain fog again, however I can not notice anything else physically. 

Im wondering if the stress I’ve been under has kind of shut the brain down or possibly a mini stroke. If it is a mini stroke can this be seen on a scan? 

Im on the right medication (statins, blood thinners etc..) 

just not sure if I’m worrying over nothing?? 

Hi Daphne, I think you should get things checked out, it may be un-related, or you may just be over-tired, but you need reassurance so that you can put your mind at rest.  I've seen my husband have mini-episodes where I've wondered if he is having another stroke and it's important to follow up on any possible warning signs.  

Good luck xx

Hi Daphne! If you really don't feel good (physically, mentally, emotionally) you should see your doctor straight away. I tend not to second-guess anything. If there is something wrong then it can be sorted straight away. If nothing is wrong and you are just worrying about nothing, great. There is nothing wrong with speaking to a medical expert. Don't take any chances. With my best wishes.

As far as I know, mini strokes can be seen on a scan. Stress increases blood pressure - do you have a BP machine at home to monitor it? If not, as others have said, definitely go and see your GP. He can check it for you and also refer you for a scan to put your mind at rest. It may be something unrelated but best to get it checked out.

Dear Daphne

Us SS really do not need stress.

As our comrades have said, do get your self checked out. Do get your BP checked.

Us SS need sleep and rest. I have to be brutal over the rest thing. Our brains are still finding new pathways and so stress is a no no. And rest is the only cure.

Regarding mini strokes, or TIAs, it is a fascinating subject and the definition varies from hospital to hospital (at least it did in 2016 when the stroke bit you). I dont think TIAs will often show on a scan. Maybe some will show but generally they dont.

I reckon the stress is playing havoc with your recovery. I know its easier said than done, but we do need to remain de stressed. 

You have ground through the three years, so please get back on track. I promise thatthings do ease. I have found that things have improved a lot in the fourth year. About time too !





has it been hot weather where you are. it is easy to get dehydrated without knowing it. hear exhaustion can do funny things. but def. get a view from a Gp. as other people say reduce the stress ruthlessly, it is not your friend. 

keep cool especially in the hot weather. its been cold here until the last couple of days and now heating up big time. I keep a glass of water with me all day and sip to keep hydrated.

 get checked over to put your mind at rest. 

best wishes 


Please get checked. I haven’t read other replies yet but they are all the symptoms I had with my stroke. I thought I was being a bit neurotic but didn’t feel right and took myself off to doctors anyway. Was only a mild stroke but still a stroke and haven’t been back to work since but only at 5 months. I hope for you it isn’t but best safe than sorry xxxxxxxxxx

Thanks for replies I did see my dr and they think it’s stress related.... we are mid sept and I still don’t feel right, brain fog and fatigue are back with a vengeance! 

Its so frustrating I was doing so well, got a new job but starting to struggle with it? 

I always get brain fog and fatigue but not to this extreme