Mike's health has been up and down for years.  At least he's at home.  Still on I.V antibiotics and daily dressings to his foot.  Progress is slow but it is progress. 

I'll keep my fingers crossed that your husband gets better soon. 

I would like to do something once I've retired but difficult while I walk with the frame.  But doing more exercises and regaining some more strength who knows what I can do. Back to the gym for me.


The old town of dubrovnik is about 20 mins away from the airport with a lovely seaview up the adriatic, with fine wine good food, with lots of historic place to visit..... Am I selling it to you yet? 

Hi there

Gald you enjoyed my blether, brodie has indeed been a great help (we don't tell him as he will just get big headed about it?) in my recovery, even on wet days, his need to go out were more needed than mine to stay in, sorry to hear moby could not be there to help your husband but I hope he finds other ways to push himself forward....well done! On remembering the film I couldn't remember the title only the story and the famous line,...

Deep breath keep padding! 

Yes. I went there briefly when Split airport couldnt fit our plane. It was Yugoslavia in those days.



Yeah sheena went there when it was yugoslavia but further north to pula..... So can we go then?