Getting out and about

Trying my best

Managed to get into the garden centre cafe and then off to wicked for a garden hose.
Totally tired out, but feel more like a normal person again and husband.


Good to hear you’ve been out & about & you feel more like your old self. It can be tiring can’t it but sometimes you have to do it anyway.

Agreed making the effort makes life more enjoyable fo those around you and more normal

Thats a great message to read Mark and good on you!!! Tired from positive activity is a good tired!!!

Psychologically thats a great confidence boost too i reckon

Well done you :clap:. Good to hear you are out and about. These things definitely make you feel a bit more normal and are a good boost for your confidence. Keep up the good work, enjoy. I’m sure your family are as pleased as you. My husband is always very pleased for me and him when things go well.
Keep on keeping on.

Regards Sue

Thanks Sue I now have bigger goals,

My dear lady says she is not taking the wheelchair on holiday later in the year as we will position our excursions to be within my capabilities am Imad?

That’s a good goal to aim for. You can always review the decision nearer the time if you need to but am sure you’ll do it. We’ll all be rooting for you x

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Thanks Sue as long as I keep upright I can get anywhere, just need to be deliberate and careful


Surprise visit by someone I don’t know.” You’re a gardener?. Was I reply. My gardener is seriously ill and you must come and sort out my tomatoes. Bundled into car and taken to distant house, garden of several acres. Explained vision not too good and bit of brain fog to put it mildly. Led to poly tunnel with tomatoes and left. Now a good gardener always has a penknife. Ooops. Get my eye in and some distant memories kicks in so start to side shooting twenty wayward wandering toms.Head spinning, little bit of swearing then realise they need training up canes. Go in search of twine miraculously find some. No one around to help, back to work. No penknife, scrabble around on hands and knee feeling for sharp flint that are common on soil surface in these parts…… none. Go wandering looking for help, none. Spot a derelict greenhouse Yipee.
Was Boy Scout, always be prepared, smashed glass = sharp blade so return and after much cursing , success. All toms sort of vertical.
Stagger outside pooped ! To put it mildly. Pin- ball round garden, deserted !. Collapse behind wall into blessed shade. Found by chance by vicar on his rounds. “Boy how did you get here ?” Takes me home to blissful coffee and very long rest. Shattered next day. But feather in my cap and boy did I earn it. Must be more careful when I open door to strangers.:thinking: But an adventure

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Sounds very adventurous there @Pds a well earned feather i think :grin::grin:

Hello Paul @Pds. This had me chuckling, and what an unexpected if challenging adventure. I’d be on the look out for more, and if word gets around, who knows where you will end up next? Take your mobile just in case there is no obvious apparent way home😁. Julia x