Getting old

It can be frustrating if you feel like progress is very slow or not happening. You’re doing well in so many ways & you should feel proud of that.

Here’s to loads more recovery coming your way x

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Thanks it is coming and people who see mr rarely comment it’s being to close to the improvement that doesn’t give me any feeling it’s happening, I’ll just keep on doing more of the same and who knows it may work.

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Have you thought of looking on YouTube or internet for some different exercises? Maybe changing it up a bit might unlock something & help with improvements. It adds some variety too the exercise regime too.

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Will take the advice and se what is available.


It does come in fits and starts on this road to recovery. My sister was always impatient with progress for me, always wanting to know what else could be done to speed things up for me. Her heart was in the right place but this is not the Olympics it’s our brain and it will only go at one pace…its own. It’s working hard like a stage production, you being the audience, don’t see all the work that’s going on back stage.

as @Mrs5K suggested, try some different exercises, switch things up in life in general to bolster some enthusiasm as your own melancholy could be what’s holding you back.

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Well me and my God son be 48 i am 58 just blessed to be from good lord

From march to end of July has anything changed?
You gave an outline description above, would capabilities and recovery activities be the same today?

No significant changes just fluctuations of pain levels in my left side just living life as normally as I can working around my impairment

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And what about your capability development activities ?
Besides your ADL - activities of daily living - do you seek to push the boundaries of your capability? I’m trying to get my own thoughts straight around this.

I find the the pull to live within reduced capability seductive. Therefore I find it the first thing to overcome. Because of that I tell myself that my ADL must be my therapy. I think I’m somewhere between 30 and 80% successful in that .

For a long time I’ve been thinking I’m going to create a thread around the topic. I just have to get over the hurdle that is starting it

Here’s to our future abilities :slight_smile:

I look at something I want to do that I enjoyed before stroke like washing the car and work out how I can achieve it , today will be my first solo attempt.

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Washing the car is definitely one of my capability expansions .

I can’t currently open my right hand on demand. I can clench it to them the fingers stay in. the only ones I can sort of move out again are my pinky & index. When I attempt to rub the car with the cleaning mitt my fingers clench up and my toes curl. If I stand on one leg so my affected leg isn’t on the ground my toes don’t curl :-). if I position my hand I can use it for about 15 seconds before I have to stop and reposition it - but it used to be 5 seconds. I can now rub shampoo when cleaning myself into my head right handed which I couldn’t do a year ago but I haven’t yet got to the stage where rubbing the soap into my beard without my fingers clenching .

Washing things including the cat’s bowls, my face and armpits, the car, the terrace with a power washer (I can squeeze the trigger and then my fingers relax even though I’m trying to keep the trigger held) are all things I attempt to do right handed. all things I look at how my left hand moves, where my elbow is and my shoulder and my wrist and then try and emulate right handed.

sometimes takes me 2 minutes to walk past the light switch. It certainly takes me three attempts to come down the stairs if I approach the banister activating the muscles in my shoulder rather than in my biceps and forearm.

I shall be thinking of you washing your car - it’s currently raining here!

Caio Simon

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I’m really only a one armed one hand person so having to pace things like the car washing and watching my balance. Keep a chair near for rest but if I take it slowly I can and willl do it my wife fills the buckets and watering can prior to my starting and the shan’t squeeze is loss than good with one handed approach


Its hard to squeeze bottles

Or anything with only one over worked right limb