Food glorious food

May the Marmite be with you.

My Mrs doesn’t touch mine, calls it Poo in a jar. :poop:

All the more for me!!!

Oh I love marmite especially on some nice warm buttered toast :yum::yum::yum::yum:

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@Mrs5K I think you’re going to have to start deliveries - it all looked absolutely yummy!

Now there’s an idea…mind not sure it’ll last that long :rofl:

Wow, impressive stuff! No wonder you’re tired!! I was never much good at multi-tasking, but post-stroke I am absolutely hopeless at it. Cooking, therefore, I find so stressful. I am in awe of those who can manage ! X :wink:

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@Stewart1 thank you. It was my 1st real try since my stroke but was pretty pleased with the outcome. I’m still worn out from all the effort :rofl:


Always wise to build in rest day(s) after a busy or exhausting day! Take care! X

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Very envious of your cooking skills. Everything looks so delicious - can you hear the tummy rumbling of every reader of your post? Congrats on taking on challenge AND creating cook-book feasts. Magga

@Magga i can hear all the tummy rumbles :grin::grin: as i’m not currently working I have a bit more time to cause chaos in the kitchen :rofl:
Hubby has ordered mince pies next. Eeek x

@Mrs5K → mince pies beg for brandy sauce, please, please, please!

same as cheese sauce, (leave out the cheese,) add a teaspoon of sugar and a tablespoon or more of brandy at the end. Pour over those pies to make a delicious treat.

:partying_face: :christmas_tree:


One of the things that has helped me over the last 14 months or so is cooking. I’ve always cooked for family but having a new addition has been amazing but also cooking for myself.

I’ve always wanted to learn the art of cooking a British Indian Restaurant curry, just like you get at your local curry house or takeaway.


@MatthewBirch that looks delicious. I would pay good money for that. I love a curry. Are you able to share the recipe?

@Loshy i love anything cheese & onion flavoured. I just have to ration cheese now. Boo hoo :sob:

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@Mrs5K Thank You, that’s very kind. I’m new (as you know) and not 100% on rules. There’s a guy on YouTube, can I point you in the direction of him or is that not allowed? He has books out aswell.

I found it so therapeutic this time last year and would like to think I have just about perfected the recipes, rices and onion bhajis.

@Loshy Bet that tasted amazing?

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@MatthewBirch i see no reason why you can’t mention the youtube link. I’ve put links on before & haven’t been told off yet :grin::grin::grin:

I’ve started baking more which I’m enjoying. Never had time before.

The guy to have a look for is called Misty Ricardo, you’ll find his books easily enough aswell.

You need pre cooked Chicken, Tikka, or Lamb. Base Gravy, mix spices and a pan which isn’t non stick. The rest is probably in your cupboard or in the local supermarket.

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Thank You. I won’t do a link though as all you need to do is search him on YouTube to find his channel, and other social media outlets. His book was my last one bought and my favourite.

I dare say I prefer him to Rick Stein - I’m his biggest fan

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@MatthewBirch thank you I shall have a look for him.

@Mahoney thats great to know thank you. xx

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