Flowers press

I make this flowers press from my mum hope she like it lol


Nice job. Just in time for Spring flower pressing. I am currently making a Wellie rack, inspired by one of your projects.

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It’s perfect! Who wouldn’t love it :heart_eyes: If your mum doesn’t like it I’ll have it :blush:

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@sharris776 what a fabulous gift. I’m sure your mum will love it.

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Hello @sharris776. This is brilliant and so thoughtful. Your mum will be very pleased I’m sure Julia x

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She would like that better for mom day

Me and my God son mommy past away not here butv Spirtrv always with us


Well done, nice job!

I made one like that, but much cruder in about 1987 and I’m an S Harris! Small world?

I made for my wife rather than my mum



Nice one :grin: Mr Harris lol


Hope dif u mate that