First and hopefully last stroke! Some advice please

Hi, I am new to this forum and finding it really helpful and useful and a great comfort to know I’m not alone. It can feel a bit like that sometimes, as I am sure all of you can relate to.
I would really appreciate a little advice/info. I have added the outline below. Thanks.
I had a left MCA stroke in late March. Neither my GP, consultant neurologist or me thought it was a stroke until an MRI showed it up! Just some odd “migraine” symptoms, an inability to make out numbers on a text, a very slightly drooping eye brow and an inability to write/use a pen, dripping things and a strange inability to speak, all over a period of maybe two or three days.
Anyway, given medication, including blood pressure meds I ended up having a short stay in hospital and taken back off the blood pressure medication as it was realised they weren’t needed following a very frightening hypo-intensive episode.
So all settled down and returned home. It took me a few days to realise that life wasn’t’ going to be quite so simple. Although all physical symptoms gradually wore off over a couple of weeks the fatigue has been unbelievable. To go from being an active, working, dog walking, do it all chief cook and bottle washer to lying around doing nothing not an easy thing to do. I can’t believe how slow the progress is. I have taken advice from GP and a physio about fatigue management.
And a couple of weeks ago I had a tingling on the right side of tongue for maybe 5/10 minutes which then went but another shorter episode about a week later. I didn’t think anything of it really except that since then the fatigue has got worse again?
What is going on? I haven’t mentioned the tingling to anyone, not sure they would understand?
Thanks everyone!


Welcome Tracy,

Fatigue is awful isn’t it! I’m 9 months post my second stroke and still being limited by it. If you are worried I would mention the tingling to you GP or stroke nurse (if you have one).

I hope your recovery goes smoothly.

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Thank you for the advice and support and best wishes for your continued improvement too. I will mention to a health professional.

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Hi, Tracy. Like already been mentioned everyone is different with their strokes and how it affects them but I would definitely mention to your GP about tongue tingling sensation. For me that was a sign I’d suffered a TIA ( which I was unaware of) followed the next day by a right hemisphere ischemic stroke, which some 12 months on I’m still recovering from.
Wishing you all the best👍

Joey in Stoke


@Tracy1 welcome to the forum . Sorry you’ve had a stroke but hope you find this a good place to be.

Fatigue seems to be common amongst a lot of us. I remember a friend of mine (an OT) saying the fatigue will be my biggest issue. I didn’t really believe him but he was right. You are very early days so listen to your body & rest when you need to.

I’m with everyone else on the tingling tongue. This could be a sign of something going on & you’d be wise to get it checked.

Wishing you all the best.

Ann xx


Thanks for sharing your story. 2nd stroke is a common incident, so does post stroke seizures- please read what have written with caution - I am not saying that you had another stroke or something similar. All I want to point out that, I agree with other posts - that please seek medical advice for safety. Most probably it is nothing, but just check it out for safeyt.

Wishing you all the best.

Kind regards

Kusal, Stroke OT


Everybody’s already given you the advice that I would repeat
But I wanted to say welcome to the forum. As you’ve seen this good support here I hope you don’t have to draw on it too much but you can rely on it being here when you want it

Thank you. I’m contacting my GP practice this morning :crossed_fingers:t3:


@Tracy1 hope you managed to see your GP & that they’ve been able to help you.

Hi, I have a GP appointment for next Monday


Hi @Tracy1 welcome to an amazing group thst none of us want to be in. The empsthy knowledge and support is truly amazing.
Good luck with your GP appointment, always best to check ‘new’ things going on… oh and fatigue is a bugger!!!

Keep us posted on how you get on.
Andy xx