Feeling like an idiot

Why oh why do I never learn, sun shining yesterday here in the north of Scotland so sat in the garden for an hour or so at 10.30am (so not at the hottest time of the day) and managed to get burned, understandably my husband was quite cross with me I think because he is so glad I recovered from my subarachnoid hemorrhage 12 weeks ago and can't understand why I wasn't being more careful ( I burn every year). I've spent this morning putting on cold compresses on my knees that he hasn't seen which are rather red! & rubbing moisturiser in along with drinking plenty of water. Sorry for the rant but feeling rather stupid if anyone has any tips on what else I can do that would be great.

I think its great that you can do something like that, shows us SS are real live persons !


Snap! I'm also in North of Scotland & currently sporting red shoulders. Sun was out & so was I - it just had to be done. The sun helps to make me feel alive; the winter months can be long & restrict getting out & about so let's make the most of it when we can. Note to self to find the sun screen lotion next time.

The worst thing is the past few years I've not burnt sad hoping the aloe Vera gel I've bought does the job & will be making sure I have the sunscreen on in future?

Dear KatyB121,


When I was a child and used to literary fry in the sun, unlike a lot of portuguese people I am pale olive skin, beige tones, my mother used to rub my red skin with cold milk straight from the fridge, let it dry, and wash after a few hours. After a short time, the redness would go away. I know the milk will smell a little, but, it will take the redness away for sure. I hope I have helped a little.