Feeling hopeless

Thank you Jackie! I also have a diary but similarly to you, I don't fill it in much. I'll have to try to start! 

Hi Jane, just a thought, do you have anyone who could write a diary for you?  I've kept a log/diary since the earliest days following my husband's stroke.  It began life as a food log, (he was literally eating 1 Brazil nut and half a digestive biscuit sometimes!)  It was suggested that I record his food intake, but I ended up recording various events of the day, logging his progress, anxieties, activities, mood changes etc Now, 3 and a half years later, it's been a great piece of work to look back at, to remember the times we've slogged through, the tears and tatrums (me!) and the achievements (him!)  

I knew he would never have managed to record anything himself, so I was the one doing the leg-work, but if someone could help you out, it would be a worthwhile record for you to look back on.  You will forget these difficult days, thankfully, but it's nice to remember the good days ?  take care xx

Thanks for that ! I seem to have more bad days than good! Get very down hearted! My physio is confident that I will walk again??! But I can't deser it myself at the moment a as only minimal movement into llegyleat the moment!!

Hello Jane, I'm sorry you have feeling of hopelessness, that's rough. Having a stroke can affect us in so many ways and its early days for you. I am grateful for being a carer as that probably helps to keep me motivated and going.  Keeping up the exercises will help with improvements. I started with a zimmer frame 15 months ago and now manage around home without an aide, although I need a stick outside. If I think back to how well I have improved it's a great consolation. I like Jackie's idea of keeping a diary to chart progess however small.

I had my Lateral Medulary stroke in April last year, this  was after having two heart attacks. The first heart attack was so painless, I didn't realise that I was having one, that was in 2016.

The next heart attack happened on a bike ride.

That really hurt but after a stent, I made a full recovery.

Then last year I had my stroke!

I remember being unable to stand, walk or move very easily. The hopelessness of my predicament made me cry.

I didn't want to be a burden on anyone, life for me seemed to be not worth living. I was 61 retired married for just a year and the situation seemed hopeless.

I started to do some of my own research and found many Doctors particularly in the US are saying that Atheroscrosis (blocking of arteries with plaque) is preventable and reverseable, if the cause is from diet.

I watched lots of documentaries read books on the subject.

Then there was a CNN documentary about heart disease and former President Bill Clinton.( you can watch it your self on youtube if you like.)

He recovered after his heart attack, his Doctor Dean Ornish put him on a Plant Based, meat and oil  free diet etc.

I read books like Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease by Dr Caldwell Esselstyn and How not to die by Dr Micheal Greger.

The evidence is pretty overwhelming....

Basically in order not to have another Heart Attack or stroke,you've got to get rid of all the harmful plaque in your arteries and get rid of the weight.

At that stage I could hardly move, but inspired by the books etc

It felt great in the way that it gave me something that I didn't seem to have... HOPE.

For the first time this was something that I could do!

Yes,going plant based, fat and oil free and losing a stack of weight was going to be challenging. I used to love meat and diary!

For the next weeks whilst I was in hospital I refused to walk with a stick as much as possible, I was determined  to walk unaided and get my life back to normal.

I went veggie first then started to cut out bit bit fat and oil free.

A good book was Forks over Knives.

Its written by Dieticians who know your goal and widely available on Amazon etc.

I left hospital after just 2 weeks, I completely changed my diet and my life. Learnt yoga, meditation and to cook/eat meat, oil, fat and diary free, I've lost 3 and a half stone. Since my stroke.

It's eleven months since my stroke now..

yesterday I walked 7 miles, today I've been on my bike for 18 miles today, and feel hopeful and positive.

Youve got to push yourself, God does it hurt sometimes, your muscles feel like they are bruised, join Facebook stroke survivors groups, when your feeling better stop following them, as theres a lot of negativity out there.

Im still not 100%, hey I'm alive, and never really felt better.

Go on YouTube check out what doctors are saying about Strokes and recovery, heart disease and diets... start taking control and give yourself hope!! 

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