Feeling down & Tearful

Thank you Colin I just smiled, I'm having a hard day today with anxiety but I will get there thanks again ,

Aw thank you so much , I'm having a bad day with anxiety but I will be fine , thanks again 

Dear Abbjamie

I you feel totally miserable, then a false or a forced or even a fake smile will do.

Try to be positive. Keep thinking about what you can do and not what you can not. 

Remember there are loads of us out here willing you on. You are not alone.

Best wishes


Hello dear friend. So glad that you found us. There are wonderful people here who have and are going thro similar trauma. We have a wealth of knowledge in these pages try to think of something positive each day and chat when you want to. Healing blessings to you. Judy

Hello dear friend. Nearly all of us here have post stroke fatigue. One day you accept it all the next day you crash. Ride with it. I had two strokes 7 months ago. Recovery is a long journey. Blessings judy

Thank you so much for your response x

Thank you for your response x

Thank you for your response x

Hi Jeff I know what you mean it’s a natural thing for us to feel this way but it is short lived I am upset that I have a dog who I may never walk or a car I may never be able to drive but then I might our recovery is so built on faith that it seems flimsy and certainly so slo as to appear permanently stuck in the disabled world.
Tank care both of you chin up.


Hi @Jennyl

Jenny - please stop thanking everyone!!

Thank you for sharing and thanking.

I absolutely love a good cry.

I’m awake at this time for one or another reason but I am still lucky. I have walked away from my strokes with at least the ability to engage on this forum.

I personally think you are just expressing things that a lot of people like ‘us’ can’t speak for anyone else nut I will say that the bloomin you look well thing is really getting me down at the moment too.

I’ll stop saying it now too much but yes lost 3 stone. had a haor cut. and??? I cant see anything on my right - yes in bith eyes and no it wont get netter and yes i have brain damage you cant see. sorry just arghhhhhh

I have lots of things to get a ggod cry on!! polar bears help.

So please cry! and just say yeh I’m looking ok but my brain isn’t you should see my MRI!!!

Stay cool


:polar_bear: :wink:


Hi Jenny, although its not nice feeling this way, i think its a normal response to a traumatic event. I’m not through the worst of it myself yet as I’m only 13 months in, but having 20 yrs experience in teaching i know a fair bit about emotional intelligence. What i can tell you for sure is that we all know that stroke affects the skills that we all take for granted like reading, writing, numeracy, processing information and understanding the world around us. Emotional intelligence includes our ability to control our emotions. This is also an everyday skill that we have learned. All of these skills require the brain to work and make the right connections at the right time. Unfortunately, when stroke happens, the brain is much slower yo respond as it could before. You will most likely regain these skills in time, as im also being told. Maybe your brain is now working on functioning again in the workplace and has dropped focus on other things for a while. Keep faith, you’re doing amazing. I can’t wait to be able to go back to work. Speak to your GP if you’re feeling like this all of the time. Don’t be ashamed of asking for help. It might even be something else. I know a lot of women that are going through teary patches right now and its not stroke related but still difficult to cope with. Take care and keep talking. :blush: