Feel out of sorts

Hi I’m Pauline, had my stroke 10mths ago, the worst thing is the fatigue tiredness. I’ve learnt it has to take its toll, nothing u can do to help it along.  U have to learn to pace oneself,  I have to rest 2/3 times daily, go to bed either read, listen to music for as long as it takes. It’s the only way I can cope and get through the day. If we have to go out I find as soon as we arrive home, it’s bed for me.you r not alone, hope this helps a little. X

Hi there. Colin has said it all really. I can only add that I am three years post stroke and still suffer from fatigue. It started on my first day home from hospital and was awful in the beginning, but it does ease. However, I still have to have an hour’s bed rest every day. If I don’t I am good for nothing. Tell your husband things will get better, but he must stay positive. I found the first year ofvrecovery a battle where lows are more frequent than highs. Things are so much better now, but I still have down days and frustrations. Good luck to you both.

I was a part of one of the reseach projects and as you can see they are looking for volunteers. They are lovely people and this is their latest Newsletter.

Sorry lynnjenny I tried to post something about post stroke fatigue but it came as an extra on the page blame strokebrain.