Fear over what pain is normal after a stroke and what I should be concerned about

Hi @Mgg1427
Sorry to hear about your stroke.
I had a ischaemic stroke feb 04.
Fear of another stroke come and goes. Try to look for the positive thinks you can accomplish.
My stroke affected the cerebellum so my stronger symptom was vertigo and feeling out of balance. Started physio the week after my steoke to work with balance and dizziness.
About a week ago I found that my equilibrium has improved a lot. I can stand in just one leg with my eyes closed something that when I started was impossible to do so. I still get dizzy but I really think that 80% of it are the statins side effects.
My point is celebrate every small gain in this marathon and have patience. I started wanting to get back to “normal” ASAP but I started to understand that time is your ally if you give it tine to work.

Hope you get better and better.