Eyesight affected 1 year update

Hi everyone This is my first post. I have reduced vision in one eye after an ischaemic incident a year ago. There was nothing to suggest this should have happened. I had a thorough checkup with arteries and heart examined. The only thing i didn’t manage was an mri of the optic nerve due to panic attack (however this was 5 months after the incident so not sure if it would have shown much). I have had to adjust mentally to this loss. For 6 months I believed I would fully recover. Another 6 months on I have accepted this hasn’t happened yet and medically it seems unlikely. Loss is something we all have to process and when you don’t know anyone else that understands it can be quite a challenge. If there is someone who has experienced NAAION or if you have general advice as someone who has experienced adjusting to physical limitations I would be grateful to keep in touch with others. I live on an island and cannot access clinics but if anyone has specific advice on recovery I would appreciate it. My opthalmologist hasn’t suggested anything. Blessings to you all on your journey.

Hi, I had a subarachnoid hemorrhage in April 2019. I have a slight defect in the lower outer quadrant of my right eye, I have learnt to just turn my head slightly more. I've had all the eye tests and had a driving assessment last week so I can get my licence back, the assessor was very happy with my driving and is reporting to the DVLA that there is no reason why I can't drive. How much vision have you lost? Good luck with your ongoing recovery.


Good to hear from you, I am so pleased you are managing, especially with keeping driving. I too am able to drive and manage most things as my central vision is ok but my lower half in right eye has gone. It was difficult at the beginning not knowing how much sight would be lost (as it was a gradual flickering and dimming over two weeks) then a few weeks for my sight to settle to what it is now. I am not under a neurologists care nor have I seen one, just my opthalmologist. Does that seem right?

I'm not sure if I'm still under a neurologist because I had the subarachnoid haemorrhage and had coils fitted to stop the bleed, apparently they keep an eye on you for up to 5 years with MRI scans every 18 months now to make sure the coils haven't moved. I hope your opthalmologist is helpful?

I had a stroke that affected my vision I had double vision and a very funny head the double visionn has gone after 4 years but I still have a great deal of trouble with my head. I dont know whether you have read my messages on the forum but I have seen a neurologist I had to pay or waita long time he wants me to have a MRI scan which I am going to do.  I hope your eye improves in time and all the best. Norma.