Exactly 1 year today

Exactly 1 year today since i had my stroke, was going to my father in law’s funeral to madrid and had a stroke on the plane,couldnt move,the flight attendants didnt know what was wrong with me.
All consultants i have met say the same thing, you are very lucky man!
In hospital in madrid the doctor told me he has never seen a person’s high blood pressure that high.
I have been back to work and have been going to my gym,been doing diy work around the house,just finished tiling my bathroom,have painted my kitchen after fixing my ceiling which was leaking.
Am not 100%,still have numbness on my right hand side,when its too quiet at night can hear buzzing sound.
But i thank God survived this,i know its gonna be a long time to get to where i used to be or maybe i will always be like this,who knows.
Thanks to all the people who wrote me back when i put my story on here last year,it meant a lot and to those going through this would like to say hang in there,there is always a light at the end of a tunnel.


Hi Jimmy, well that’s some road to recovery :grinning:. Well done and keep keeping on.

Thanks for sharing.
Regards Sue

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Well done with your recovery.
Not that it’s any of my business, but…
how high was your bp ? mine was 268 / 198

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@Jimmy100 sounds like you’ve come a long way in that year. Glad you’re doing ok & hopefully you’ll continue improving.

@pando wow that’s some BP reading. Hopefully now it’s all under control.

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They said they had rarely seen such readings
It is luckily now under control