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I just discovered that if you post in the forum feedback category then it is rate limited as to how fast people can post and it is automatically closed after 5 hours!!!

So you may find the topic

Anonymized postings

In feedback and not be able to contribute if I’d known how it was configured I wouldn’t have posted there.

if you just want to read the text without having to go to the other post and then back here then click this and it will reveal...

We occasionally get community members realising the extent to which they are exposed to the internet’s search engines when having posted their needs, emotions and vulnerabilities.

The Stroke Association say this is because more people visit when they do not have to log in.

Discourse provides a facility to allow anonymized postings but it is not enabled.


Enable and configure anonymous mode - Site Management - Discourse Meta

I wondered what your thoughts are?

And … We’ve lost some very good contributions because the authors deleted their account and all posts made by it.
Discourse also provides the means to delete an account and retain the posts under anonymized accounts
I find it strange that while we’re active we can’t anonymize in order that we are a magnet to attract other potential donors of empathy support and knowledge while when we choose to be leave rather than anonymized our contributions to the reputational value of this site instead it is all deleted.

I suggest some discussion could devise modus operandi that was better reflective of benefit possibly even mutual benefit…


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Maybe worth raising it with Nicola (who introduced herself a few days ago)?


Definitely, a valid post Simon and had it been more clear to me at the start I would have used a more concealing user name personally although my current name is not overly recognizable it is within the gaming community.

Let’s hope for progress. more information even be it anonymized it could make some feel less alone in their struggles.


Your far from the first to fall foul of this.

It’s been raised multiple times

I have raised these points :slight_smile: and others.
I met with Nicola this morning and I have a hopeful feeling !.

She is open about listening. That’s a good start & contrast with the past

I think I am fair in saying she acknowledges that there are areas for consideration. As yet I’m still anxious that action will be in line with the way the community has been discussing

Nicola has not had these responsibilities for long so has inherited what made me feel is an undesirable start point :frowning: and can now become just history if we make progress together

:crossed_fingers: Fingers crossed :slight_smile:


What games do you play? What platform?


Can’t @JColt just ask admin to change his username? Surely this is possible.


Yes it is, as is deleting the thread and he’s changed the first post to have no content…

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Hello Rups,

I mostly play PC games with a slight mix of XBox and Oculas Quest.

Have you heard of Star Citizen?

My current favourite is Sunkenland though and I also have thousands of hours logged on steam playing ARK.

How about you?


I will be honest. I am not that worried about it one way or another and I did not mean to cause this much fuss about the whole situation. I was just shocked to find out that this is open to the world which makes people less likely to be completely honest, open and vulnerable as we a survivors should be able to do in an environment like this.

I suspect I may have gotten more responses or more open responses if the forum was login only visible to users with accounts.

But that is just what I think.

Best regards,


And Many of us agree…


Hello Simon,

What BOP is that in your profile picture?

My boy is a 4 Year old HH.



From memory she is an African Tawny Eagle - I am not her custodian :slight_smile:

Is hh Hen Harrier or Harris hawk



Male Harris Hawk 4 years old now.



I have heard of Star Citizen, but have never played it. I’m a Nintendo Switch and 3DS boy. Playing at the moment a game called Onrike and another game called Shu, mostly play 2D and 3D narrative based platformer games. I enjoy games I can clock, like reading a book or watching a film. I don’t play any open world or strategy/simulation games. I admire that you do, my brain finds all that information daunting and gets overwhelmed by it. I like RPG games blended with 3D platformer narratives though, the best game I have played this year was Lost in Random. I have a quite strict game criteria, must have compelling story, intriguing artwork, intuitive gameplay and an atmospheric sound score.

Before stroke, in my adult years, I occasionally played Battle for Wesnoth but that was about it. I ramped up playing after stroke, revisited a lot of my childhood favourites like Loom and other Lucas Arts games. Got back into it, and it has stuck. Used it for rehabilitation, motor skills and problem solving, now use it, mostly, to relax. So much so, that I had to buy another Switch because my youngest son has succumbed to Fornite and I don’t get a look in.

Sunderland looks interesting. My son plays Subnautica Below Zero, and my immersive underwater game favourite has been Abzu, it’s exploratory puzzle, but one you can clock.


I have Abzu but have not logged many hours on it. If you like puzzles try RAFT and if you prefer a great scenic and sound game I would suggest Hellblade as it has puzzles ambiance and a good soundtrack.

Sunkenland is Alpha so it will progress more over time I think, I just enjoy it passively. I am not sure how well the VR quest is for recovery but I do play that from time to time as well.



I used to play Colossal Caverns (all in IBM 370) & Rogue (on a DEC vax 11/730 and the star trek mentioned on Wikipedia

never played any of the console games!


Shwmae Jeff, I have an Oculus headset, but have never used it :melting_face: It’s part of an old Playstation 4 console I have set up in a room, I never use that either. I should actually try it out for my visual-spatial issues. Ooo, I like the sound of Hellblade. I have seen Raft on the Switch. I’m not very good at survival games, I get confused easily. When I play Don’t Starve Together with my son, he plays away, doing this and that, and I just die. Crikey, Hellblade is £24, think I might put that in my Wishlist and wait for a discount. I only buy games that are heavily discounted, under five pounds. :laughing:


I used to play, obsessively, Dungeon Master on my Atari 1040. I loved text adventures, and was a huge fan of Rainbird games. I was, also, hooked on point-and-click games which I still dabble in these days. When I took a break from playing games, I veered toward Mac which was primarily marketed as a creative and educational PC, so games were lost to me for many years. Even having an Atari, in my yoof, was limiting game wise, while many of my friends had Commodore 64s and Amigas which were more game focussed, Atari being a music and graphic machine, primarily. I only adopted a console after stroke, the main reason being is that I use my PC for writing, and I needed this to be kept separate from playtime, as having the internet connected to it is bad enough a distraction for me.


Yes put Hellblade on your wishlist. you will love it and HellBlade II is out as well. I started on a Commodore Vic 20 and then the Atari 2600. I mean the Vic 20 used a cassette tape drive to load software. In School we used an Apple II C i believe. none of it anywhere near the graphics these days. Games have always been a bad distraction for me. I hope now by playing I can learn to stop my right ring finger and pinkie from going for a wander from time to time while I type. I now use a track ball as well since the mouse would always move way off when I wanted to click something closed. If you enjoy point and click try Bloons6 TD its a great fun strategy game. I am by no means good at games but I can survive, barely and I usually modify or set the settings down to play.

I do prefer coop games to Player Vs Player though.

I have come to find out though a stroke changes the entire outlook of the game, I would say get your Oculus out and see how it goes, It might be fun but start on just the start up just walking around games.


We have Meta Quest, and I would love to play on it more. I like to go hiking or mountain climbing with it. I could probably use it to encourage more exercise. I have only played Beat Saber on it, although I did use Switch and Xbox 3, Playstation 4 and old Atari games and Nintendo 64. Ms. PacMan, Frogger, Mario Bros., Mario Carts and Mario Party. As well as using the Switch like a Wii for bowling, tennis, etc… All of those things helped with better movement of my extremities, and more control of my fingers and eyes. I highly recommend.

PS…please don’t laugh too much at my old ways, and less than complex games…I had strokes. LOL! Plus very little experience with games pre stroke, unless one counts PONG.