Another Easter come and gone, 2 since the stroke.
Sat in the sun for a bit but no big step changes only lots of little changes

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Happy Easter @mrfrederickson we didn’t get much sun here but did get outside forca little bit.

Enjoy the rest of the bank holiday.

Thanks will do my physio told me to keep taking paracetamol to bridge the pain gap left by th neurolological pain relief carbamazepine which isn’t perfect but does something.
So I’ll build it up as I head for bed time tonight

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Thanks Mrs5k
Hopefully a family based Monday in-laws over and the kids have all arrived

Sounds like you’re going to be busy. I’m having a quiet Monday as had busy Saturday & suffering for it today.

Enjoy family time x

Hope you feel better tommMrs5K

My good lady bears the brunt of these social gatherings, but it’s her parents and their grandchildren, I sit in my chair and keep my overhead to a minimum


Lovely 3 days so far and thought I’d wash the car today. But no sun, just plenty of cats and dogs. Oh well, more time for chocolate then! :wink:

Enjoy your Mondays!

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Oh Jonny I dream of being able enough to wash the car and go outside not done it solo since before the stroke leaves my very sad as I loved that job Enjoy the day.

Just been out in the sunshine at a national trust site in east riddlesden

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It is good practice for my holiday in June in Oxfordshire, we now know my range and stamina so we can make as much of the time as possible with all my impairments not hampering

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Sounds like a very good test. Might be some improvements by June too but at least you have a good basis to start your planning.

Yes as much for my good lady so she knows how much time she has to eject me park and rejoin at what ever location we are visiting.

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Absolutely, want to improve if possible and give the family the best time we can manage when travelling around, my condition shouldn’t impact their holiday time

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