Driving after a stroke

Hi @Momma and welcome to the forum. Sorry you had to join this club but we’re glad you found us to help on this journey to recovery.

Yes those around you won’t get it and neither would you nor I have before out strokes. You don’t say when you had your stroke but I take it it is only a matter of weeks ago or so. Lots of rest is number one on the list of recovery in the early weeks. Your brain is working very hard to repair itself and needs a good healthy diet with plenty of protein, B vitamins are the ambrosia of life to the brain. And a daily walk as exercise is good the whole body. Just don’t push yourself to hard this early in your recovery. Have a stroke team been in touch yet or is one due?

Have read through the Welcome post we put of all the things we wish we’d be told from start after out strokes. And don’t be afraid to ask question, not matter how stupid you might think them, there are always fellow stroke survivors on here to help and advise :people_hugging:


Hi & welcome @Momma sorry to hear you’ve had a stroke but hopefully you’ll find some useful advice on this forum.

The early days you probably need to take thjngs,easy as your brain needs to repair & rewire. Little things will tire you out but in time things will start to improve.

Ask away if you have any questions & someone will be along to help.

Best wishes

Ann xx

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