Did ANYONE have classic FAST symptoms

Hi @Quarterp
So sorry to hear what you have related

With some perseverance of efforts to lobby we can reduce the number who follow the same because of the messaging is not what it should be

Thank you for sharing what must be painful to recall

Is you hadn’t yet please consider the petition in the Scottish parliament a few posts back



For me, valuable time was lost when the paramedics arrived because they weren’t responding to the urgency of my crisis. As I was vomiting and couldn’t stand up, the first thing they did was go and check a bottle of wine I had on my desk. Then they attempted to persuade me to go to bed and “sleep it off”. I was adamant that I needed urgent hospital attention. I wish my stroke consultant had been on duty the night I went in because none of the other staff were aware of these symptoms correlating with possible stroke.


Your experiences are central to my upset with FAST @rups

It is a badly positioned message, not per se bad guidance of in context.

My concerns are then how resistant the Stroke Association staff are to pointing out that it’s no longer the acme of insight so the assoc should LISTEN to those they aspire to represent.
There must be a back story (beyond once being the turbuculosis soc. & then having to find a new cause.

My backstory is that with more awareness I might be in a better place now AND so might many others & that saying so has resulted in hostility & non cooperation, “instruction” to not speak out publicly about FASTs shortcomings.
Not willing participation in improving messaging. I don’t see how that gels with the published ‘value’ of “say it how it is” and goals A&B

I’m still hoping that we might become organised to be a voice - that doesn’t require inclusion of everyone but should be open to everyone.

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Oh my god…that’s terrible.

I’m sorry to hear that happened to you.

I was yelled at by an ambulance worker. My mother had severely low platelets from aplastic anemia. I told him that she probably had a brain bleed from low platelets. He looked at me and said, “I KNOW WHAT PLATELETS ARE.” I felt terrible when he said that. Made me feel worse, as I was looking at my delirious mother on her bedroom floor, all slouched over.

I don’t know what gets into people at times.


@twiggy_1951 . I’ve had at least 11 TIA’s and only once has slurred speech . The remaining 10 or so have never conformed to FAST. You’re not alone. :slightly_smiling_face:. @IanM