Decompensation of stroke

I’d never heard of it before your mention above - so I would be interested to hear more :slight_smile:

Do you have an affiliation? Have you direct experience?

It doesn’t have a Wikipedia page although there is one on something that seems parallel Feldenkrais Method - Wikipedia

There are a number of advertisements for it as a service under the name Anat Baniel - and a few YouTube [edit I’ll look for a decent YouTube that was just an advert]

I’d want reassurance because of what my searches have pulled up before paying & I would pay for something that was a valuable intervention

Now to watch the YouTube… [Edit: Watched it - I’ll search for more informative…]


Server Neuropathy foot

Ican only say that I have personally found it very helpful both mentally and physically. I began the sessions quite accidentally as my daughter suggested they might help me. I have a qualified teacher who is very si pathetic to persons with limited mobility.

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Good to know:)
I wonder if who the therapist is is the key factor?

Very good news that is been beneficial for you :slight_smile:

I get that a lot in both hands, I just assume its carpal tunnel syndrome. The past couple of days its been in my right stroke hand more, think I over did it a bit with the hand exerciser :face_with_hand_over_mouth: My ring and middle fingers are the worst affected, ring finger gets very stiff with it. I’ve been doing the stretch below to fix it, seems to work a treat.

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It really is a no mans land isnt it, hospital sends you home when no new stroke is found. You mention feeling spacey, I can identify with that since I had my last episode. Also fatigued and still feel wobbly on my legs. It really would help to know what is causing it.


My symptoms are a watered down version of my original stroke, weakness in legs, numbness in side of my face lasting a few hours. Difficult isnt it, told not to ignore it and always comei n to get it checked, only to be told after a horrible time in a&e its not a stroke. Not sure repeated hospital admissions are doing us any good either. I feel like Im taking one step forward and three back. Certainly helps to know Im not alone in this. Wishing you all the best for the New Year.


Happy new year to you too. Hope 2024 leads to an easing of these symptoms. It’s very frustrating. All the best x


Update on decompensations of stroke… or a little moan. Further to my recent post on my decompensations… yet another one on 22 Jan, a&e yet again. Emergency appointment at TIA clinic where tia/new stroke was ruled out, sent for another MRI and more heart tests ordered. Still waiting for Neurolgy, very long waiting time. In the meantime Im ‘floored’ again, so tired and feel weak, every time it happens its takes longer to recover. There must be a reason it keeps happening just wish they could find out why. Feeling so down, life is just sleeping and sitting, cant concentrate, walk my dogs or do anything much. I feel like a burden on my family and friends. I live on my own so that doesnt help. The fit busy woman I used to be has gone, feel older than my 63 years.
Sorry to moan just helps to write it down.


@Ktrean60 so sorry to hear you’ve been floored again. It’s good that they have ruled out a stroke/TIA but you definitely need some answers as to what is happening.

Really hope you get some answers soon & you don’t have to wait much longer for neurology appointment.

Sending hugs :hugs::hugs:

Ann x


Thank you Anne, its all so frustrating. Feel bad moaning when everyone on here is struggling in some way x

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Don’t feel bad. It’s a good place to have a moan…we all understand. It’s so frustrating when you’ve worked so hard to get back on track & then it all goes backwards again.


No need to feel bad about having a good moan, we’ve all had our moments. And this is always a good place for a therapeutic moan. I do hope they can get to the bottom of this issue, its no way to live not knowing what’s going on :people_hugging: