Decompensation of stroke


I wrote in another thread within the last week that I’m experiencing the same symptoms I had prior to my stroke and I’m 3 years passed .

In fact could say that your post helped alay my fears by reminding me that these things happen to us. So thank you for posting :people_hugging::hugs:

In my first year post stroke I was in a a&e two or three times and they said come back when you need to it’s never the wrong thing - I suggest we should take that at face value :slight_smile:

I see that many of us believe a stroke can be recovered from like a broken leg and it’s not until perhaps a year? Has gone by that we properly understand that it isn’t like that in so many significant ways .

Learning where the trigger points are so that you can evaluate if they are worth passing seems to be part of the new life journey

I think words like recovery do us a miss service because in so many ways post stroke life is an adjustment not a recovery. Of course there is recovery included but it’s not 100%. Perhaps one should have a mental picture similar to getting married or starting a family one doesn’t recover from either one adjusts

It is a new book, not mearly a new chapter in the book

$0.02 of bar room philosophy