Decompensation of stroke

Its a very vexed question all this thread.

Balancing unknowns or unknowables in both cause and consequence

Night before last I woke in the middle of the night.
I had a very strange feeling in the index and second finger of my left hand- unaffected side. Unlike anything I’ve ever had. no pins and needles. A cross between being numb and being able to feel in a way that is not right and was totally different to anything in the past.

It went when I moved within a couple of minutes. Is that because I was laying on my arm? If so why have I never experienced this before? Putting pressure on a carotid artery? In a state of half awake half asleep unable to separate imagination from reality?

Add that to the spacey feelings I’ve now had constantly for nearly three weeks . the balance between going to a&e to be told take aspirin on top of your meds for a month. Something is causing Spacey and it came on quite suddenly hasn’t hasn’t left yet

Prospect of an MRI is zero and maybe a CT might be useful but would end in an “oh well, brown stuff happens”. I went to the GP last week - asked for scans on my neck - told you’ve had one in the last 2 years let’s do bloods instead make an appointment - so that’s 5 weeks given Christmas, and then 10 days to get the results - although when the cat had bloods done the results were back in 2 hours - go figure!¿

So all that is left is to live with the anxiety - which has its own physical manifestations which also look like a stroke - BP at the moment 155/ 88 btw

Stroke certainly is the present that keeps on giving.

I’m 37 months post the last confirmed stroke although my MRIs show I have had several that were not recognised by previous GPs