Hi Simon,

I’m only one week in, but I think it’s helping
This month is a great one for me,
I don’t know why, but I have a hunch…

Creatine seems to help with a range of abilities,

According to this clip

It may also help those with diabetes
and also suggests BP will improve with Creatine

Ciao, Roland


Thank you, Ian. Never thought to look. Thinking too much is my forte, thinking of the right things, maybe not so much.


Yes, they had to slow down how fast they were pushing it through for me this time. It does burn and hurt unlesss it is very slow.


I had to look up Conn’s syndrome, as I had never heard of it. I assume now that they are aware of it, the treatment is working for you? I hope so. I have a long history of low blood potassium since my early 30s, but this time in hospital was the first time it has ever been noted as a recurring issue for me. I believe they will be addressing that soon, but for now, it is potassium as well as diuretics.