Confidence dip -another step backwards?


Me again. I just needed to write this down. Since my anxiety attack last Friday, I’m a little worried that I’ve taken a step backwards again. Today I had another wave of fatigue, I did recover quite quickly and then this afternoon we went for a walk in the sunshine which I enjoyed but had another wave of fatigue. We sat on a bench for a while and I felt a bit better. This evening Ive been tired but okay, but still have ‘butterflies’ in my tummy which is something I get when I’m anxious.

Ironically I’d had a good morning, feeling okay, and my second CBT session - but then the day seemed to go downhill.

Maybe I’m still recovering after my daughter’s wedding but I’m finding it frustrating and worrying that I’m now having these feelings after quite a good few weeks and 6 months of recovery. I’m worrying that the next step will be a major drop in confidence and not wanting to go out so much in case I feel a bit poorly.

As everyone on here knows, this is a difficult journey with unexpected twists and turns. Sorry about another self indulgent post!



Babies go through this frequently with each growth and development spurt they go through, less frequently as they get older . . . and so it continues 'til they reach adulthood. Think about it!
It’s always two steps forward and one step back. Your brain and body are healing and growing and hormones play a big part in that too, which in turn effect mood and stamina.

So I suppose, in a way, you could say you are being hormonal, that time of the month. :laughing:

And just maybe, once this bout has passed, you might feel something has improved/progressed within you. That’s how it always seems to go for me :smile:


never a drop in confidence look at what you’ve just wrote :clap:t2: remember were all running a marathon not a sprint,
Nigel never feel like your being self indulgent and never apologise for expressing your feelings keep focused and keep writing your Emotions down its what this forums about.
onwards and upwards.


@Pinch everything you describe sounds like normal fatigue. The things you are doing are tiring after a stroke & your body is telling you its needs a rest. A wedding, an anxiety attack, a walk all take lots of energy. 20 months in if i had been to a wedding I would be wiped out for a week.

Listen to your body. As has been mentioned it’s a marathon not a sprint. You’re doing great.

Take care.



Fatguie will take it’s toil on any one try to manage stroke fatguie by stopping before you become too tired easyto say hard to do as I know myself with kind regards des


@Pinch at 6 months in your norms aren’t yet established. It’s postulated there’s a different sort of fatigue in the first few months to in the latter. Like central stroke pain comes on at 4 months there is a hypothesis that a form of fatigue starts somewhere in those 6 months toward the end perhaps .

Anyway you’ve just gone through a wedding and that will have used your battery up ! you might benefit from go and look at spoon theory.

Not surprising that you’ve had wobbles I’m still having all sorts and I’m coming up to 3 years. For me it’s like somebody just flicked a switch and I feel slightly spacy, sometimes it causes shortness of breath and random pains in the arms and legs .
my affected side is hurting in a new ways today! but I did chop a tree down yesterday and had a couple of conference calls that were quite intense so my wife is telling me I’ve been over doing it !! didn’t stop me going and chopping another tree down today but…

It’s good to share. The anxiety and other feelings may not always be without cause or consequence but for most of us most of the time there’s something to recognise and learn to live with.
Some people find that acclimatization is easier if they keep a diary of what they do what they eat etc and how they feel and then review it to spot patterns.



I’ve had a better day today. The sun is shining which always helps! I’ve been for a walk into town this afternoon (probably about 2 miles in total) and then a little ride on my cycle! The first time on that since the stroke. Only about half a mile and away from traffic accompanied by my wife. I’m not sure how much I’ll persevere with the cycle but at least I’ve done it. I’m absolutely shattered this evening. I have to say that the Zoom session today really helped, I find it so useful to chat to other stroke survivors and listen to their experience - so thank you everyone.

Let’s see what tomorrow brings!



@Pinch well done a walk & a cycle is great going. Enjoy putting your feet up tonight.



I am 2 years in and still recognise all that you are saying. Things like being in a crowd as you were at the wedding still cause me fatigue.

I found it useful to make notes of what I could do and what were my current challenges, so that I could look back and recognise the improvements that I had made over time

As everyone says it is a marathon not a sprint .

My confidence still has dips but nowhere near as bad or as often

6 months is still fairly early in your journey. Good luck and best wishes