Colin Day - My Stroke Story

Hi Colin!

Your story is brilliant.  My name is Carole.  I took the stroke at 28, and was in hospital for a year.  During that time, I overcame having the w/e to live, coma, total paralysis, a major heart op, and learned to talk again.  Was in a wheelchair for 14 years, and now use a walker.

Like everyone, have my good and bad days.  Was a legal assistant before all this, and have had a tough time coming to terms with how I am now.  Like you, was fit, never smoked and was not overweight.  Husband left me when I became disabled.  Got back with my childhood sweetheart, Billy, who completely accepted me and was thrilled that I still lived.  However, he sadly passed in 2013.  I feel so lucky that we met again, and shared ten fabulous years back together.  Can't get over him....

This coronavirus business has made me realise how lucky I, and other survivors of whatever they have endured, are.  Stay well.  Peace. 

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Hi. Sorry only just seen your message as not logged in for ages. I used to try all sort of techniques like looking at flashing images and lights but to be honest nothing really appeared to help. However over time I find that the blind spot becomes less intrusive and some days I think it has almost gone, even though it hasn't. Things do improve over time and your coping mechanism will get better. I have found new ways of looking at things and doing things, like pouring the kettle with my other hand so that the pouring water is not in my blind spot. Reading and watching TV have become easier especially when you don't think about it too much. But this has taken 6 months but it does get easier even if it doesn't get better. Sorry to hear you have had a stroke at such a young age . Keep optimistic and be patient as things do improve over time. Best wishrs

Yes you feel lucky to have got through it and things do improve but you just have to be vey patient. Best wishes