Can’t go forward for going backwards

Hi Roland

I haven’t tried anything like that at the moment what is the exercise you do please I am willing to try anything


Hi everyone

I went to doctor today she isn’t sure what’s wrong but may be a cracked bone something to do with my nerves or my hip. I got an X-ray today could barely walk by the time I was finished so home to take pain killers and rest. Will keep you posted. Thank you for your support x



how’s the pain along your thigh doing? any improvement?
ciao, Roland

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I felt fine immediately after my stroke . I even doubted I’d had one. Fatigue and the drug regime were an initial problem. Later came unsteady walking which I put down to narrow uneven pavement’s with my fear of falling over. Very occasionally I might use a walking stick. My big issue at the moment is processing. I have to think through my responses! You are not alone!


Still as bad I had a restless sleep even after taking the painkillers. Thank you for asking Pando

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Richard3 Nobody tells us there can be a delay in symptoms it is so frustrating


That’s worth adding to the welcome post, would you like to do it?


I see,

Well let us know of any change; if it gets better or worse.
Hard to know what will help at this stage
Good luck, Roland


Hi Derek,

Back bridge is excellent, yes I did do it, and my physio is going to get me working at my core muscles from next week.
Chin-up bar is probably too ambitious for me, but I like the idea. Will ask my physio.
Bum lunges, too. I like the idea, but not entirely sure what it all about.

Any clips appreciated,
thx for the pointers, Ciao ,Roland


Here you go Roland, but I put my front foot on a chair for better balance:


This is so true Richard. I was discharged as “independently mobile without the use of a walking aid” and a cognition score of 25/30. I wonder how I score seven months later. :upside_down_face:


Roland, for the lunge that Derek has put up there, you could also do it if you stand between 2 dinning chairs to steady yourself. Or you could hold either a barbell pole (if you have one) or a broom to hold like a staff in your good had as you lunge to steady yourself.

I use a TRX to do lunges and squats at the gym, among other exercises with it.
I’ve found it a good aid for controlling my balance. Naturally it doesn’t take away your need for balance but its an excellent way to retrain your balance.
And I’m not quite getting my words out right tonight so I can only hope you get what I mean :sweat_smile:

It’s a good way to practice your balance too . . . . I think that’s what I wanted to say :worried:
And you buy these, probably on Amazon, to attach to on your door at home too.


Thx Derek, Emerald,

I’ve never been close to doing a lunge ; especially not today which is locked glute day. Anyway, I’m going to try it tomorrow, or mention it to my physio trainer. What’s a TRX, Emerald ? I’ll definitely give it some thought…

thx, Roland


TRX stands for Total Body Resistance Exercise and the “ropes” the guy is using in the image above is what it is. I don’t know how you’d with, although I was still unstable when I started with it, I had the use of my two hands. Although for partial lunges and squats the two handles could be held in one hand.


Don’t be worried about calling 111 or 999 if it gets worse - you will not be wasting their time.

Get it sorted!!

Good luck


Apologies for my delay in responding. Three weeks after my stroke in February 2023 I received an introductory letter and telephone appointment from a CH&SS Stroke Nurse. I have spoken to her a few times; she responded quickly and in the manner you describe. My needs are changing and I have now found the Stroke Association in a search online.


My husband had a TIA and blood clot in his leg
He hoped to go back to work and ride his bike but the stroke cost him fifty percent of his eye sight and the blood clot has left him with lasting pain
He felt like you that his life was over, we were yold 1yr for the physical symptoms and 1yr for the mental symptoms and its only this year that he has comes to terms with his life after2.5yrs


Hi @Martiage1989
I hope things are improving for you and your husband.

I can’t help with reading your post to feel improvement in chronic care of all strokewarriors (survivors and carers) has some way to go

It is regrettable (irresponsible?) that the medical profession in general exhibit a lack of awareness with these off the cuff remarks that may be received as gospel & and are not well made, are lazy?

I can only assume that it starts with training which will be conducted largely by people whose experience is 15 to 30 years old down received information which in part will be inaccurate and the whole will not include sufficient lived experience .

it’s unarguable that this community is able to say that that pronouncement of one year for this or that was unreliable and The information provided could have been easily improved upon .

The opposite happens with repeated regularity too: the pronouncement “you’ll never walk again” or the one I hate even more is “I couldn’t say everybody is different”
While that’s perfectly true It’s deeply misleading and soul destroyingly devoid of hope for the recipient.
It’s also true that every breath I have ever taken has been different. However they bear a lot of similarities as do our stroke journeys - some breaths have been very deep because I’m just about to try and swim underwater for 50 m, some have been sharply drawn because my kids had popped out from behind their bedroom curtain and gone "BOO!!” most are achieved without thought last 6 seconds in total,move a little over half a litre of air, occasionally I yawn and sigh…

I’m glad to hear you say he’s coming to terms and I hope you are too. The stroke isn’t a diversion on your current path it’s relocation to a new path for all concerned. A path that can be just as rich and rewarding, perhaps even more so because one has a new awareness of life.

Be well be happy :relieved:




Leg pain is no better doctor suspects a femoral hernia she has requested an urgent muscoskeletal appointment.

I am lying in bed just now crying with pain I have had 3 painkillers and 2 paracetamol and even put rub on it but nothing helps.

I just don’t know what to do I have tried hot baths before bed but that aggravates it instead of soothing it.

Sorry to be a moan

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Hi @aodonnell1743

Do not apologise for ‘moaning’ that is what this is for. sharing

I am still awake with a ridiculous BP and my blood is pumping and I’m struggling to calm down.

So we are in the same boat.

If my BP gets over 120 diastolic I will have to call 999. I dont want to but I will.

If you are really struggling I seriously suggest you call 11 and tell them.

If you are on blood thinners dont take ibuprofen but you can use it topically - ie a gel on the area of pain only.

Do you have a BP machine. If so take it.

Calm and be cool but this is not good. You need some help.

Please call 111

I will be up probably for an hour, Happy to chat.


Please try and stay cool.

Here is a picture of a polar bear chilling.

How can you tell if a polar bear is pregnant? | Cincinnati Zoo Blog

:polar_bear: :wink:

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