Bore da (good morning

I had my stroke 22nd august 2020.
Until then I was a fit 58 year old getting over a heart attack from 2017. I was referred to community steps and thats what got me going again. I bought a wi fit system and started to get fit again by doing fitness activities. This was great because lock down meant most activities were halted. I had pancreatitis on top of the stroke however I am waing for an operation to remove my gall bladderwhich should solve that. I have been on walks with the ramblers to increase my stamina and have srestarted karate training with a view to doing my next grade next summer ( I am currently a second dan, therefore i will be looking to do my third dan) . with community steps i have participated in art therapy online bowls and other therapies). unfortunately the scheme is finnishing in March therefore we are attempting to set up our own stroke survivors group called young at heart stroke survivors wales so that we can continue reaching people who have had a stroke throughout the country. I want to get back to work and rejoin society again however recovery is like a game of snakes and ladders and when you slide down you have to fight your way back up!! ( I Dylan Thomas reminds us do not go gentle into that good night rage rage against the dying of the light. At present I am down because I have had a virus and havent been able to train or go rambling. But never mind I am back on my wi fit again regaining the stamina i have lost over three weeks. A rnt these viruses awful. Anyway too anyone who is struggling (especially the younger people dont give up keep fightig) especially the 23 year old who posted

Hello, I didn’t know you did karate, I am starting soon also (novice). It’s Rupert here from the Young At Heart Wales group. I have asked admin to include our group on here again because when the site updated our group wasn’t ported with it. I must mention that next week. I had a virus a few weeks ago, knocked me for six, I was out of it for a week. Now, I may possibly have a tummy bug passed on to me by my youngest son. Oh joy. I’m taking it very easy today because I went out to the town yesterday, and found the stimulus of shopping to be quite demanding on the old post-stroke senses, so lots of rest for me.

Addendum: Group has been added, and I have invited you to it. Some of the previous members who were in it have not yet re-signed in to the forum, so will remind next week.