Book at bargain price

Hi, I am in no way connected to the seller, author etc but wanted to share this. This is over £30 on Amazon and is much the better one of his books.
I found this useful but not enough on the pain I have. If the author didn’t experience it, why would there be.

Hope this is ok to post but I would recommend this.

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Thanks @Nigelglos , just picked one up although having used this seller before I know that we’ll have to wait a while (and condition may not be too great but for the price I wasn’t going to worry). Shame that there’s nothing about the pain we both seem to be suffering with in it but as you say, I guess that Tom was one of lucky ones that managed to avoid that one. Or we are simply the chosen ones :smiley:

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I wish there was a book from someone who had cpsp so we could learn from their experiences, did it change over time, most effective medicine etc
I have got some acupuncture booked in about 6 weeks away. Will it help, don’t know for sure but got to be worth a go.
Understand the NHS pain clinics will pay for 3 lots of acupuncture so it must have some merit but don’t know if that was for cpsp or other types of pain.

None of the other books I have read so far from individuals about their stroke journey have helped much. Perhaps it’s easy to get published if you can run a marathon!

I’ve screenshotted your post over to Dr Tom and he says thanks v much and wishes you all the very best with your recovery…

And if he 5 star reviews both books on Amazon and tells me what T-shirt size he is, I’ll send him a limited edition blue training t-shirt… !

Well I’m not going to get published then, I’d get exhausted running a bath these days - if I could afford to run a bath that is.

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Tom is the guy behind ARNI if memory serves me
He’s quite a slew books on their own website.
He had ahemoragic stroke 20 odd years ago I think while at Cambridge and has since developed his I think self-devised rehab regime based on martial arts and etc recovery program into the arni method

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There’s a guy on Instagram who goes by the handle walking on the beach at night and has three or four accounts that cover different time periods. Their are all recognizably the same nick but they have slight variations.
I don’t know that he had CSPS or whatever but he documented his cannabis gabapentin pregabalin etc etc regime in more or less real time via Instagram posts.
I don’t know for sure but it might be worth finding his accounts and having a read. it might be worth reaching out to him¿ I know that he’s up on his feet and walking now and that he spent a long time needing the meds and seems to be in a better place now - but anyway it’s a hint of a place where you might start conversation¿? Networking has the potential to make connections with value; initiation of it connection it even if it doesn’t have value is fairly low cost