Big milestones

I had a sub arachnoid haemorrhage in 2012, treated surgically, and have been followed up with 2 yearly CT scans to check my clip is in place and that there are no other changes. Was pleased to be told this year that I would only need 1 more scan in 3 years time and if all well, would be discharged from the neurosurgical clinic. So pleased and looking forward to achieving another milestone in my recovery. Can't thank the wonderful neurosurgical and neuroradiology teams at the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital in Glasgow enough-they are the best. What big milestones do other people have on their calendars?

My last milestone was to have a bath again which, with much planning, I managed. My new milestone is to catch a bus into town, something I have not done for nearly two years. What I have found is that repetition is a great help. I learnt to cook again and to peel things like potatoes and apples. I can now do the latter two tasks quite well. In hospital I was told to utilise the weak arm and hand as much as possible and this works. I can now also put on a coat more or less in the same way I always have. Target setting is vitally important, as is breaking a task down into stages.

It's taken 10 months but i think I may have finally got the hang of jogging. All be it 1 minute intervals on the treadmill, but definitely heading in the right direction. Helped massively by finally getting the physio support I needed (took 3 months of pestering the Gp). Now have the ironic issue of two sessions in the same day! One musclarskeletal one neuro. 

These are all great milestones & you should all be feeling very proud of yourselves - well done! yes

John, Interesting that you peel potatoes, it is hard graft! My wife hasn't peeled them in years, she merely scrubs them. Apparantly the skins are an important part of the food chain. Have you tried this?


brilliant! it took me about same before i could run, just a few minutes on grass at first, only able to do treadmill over two years later, but in meantime ive made gain s i thought impossible distance and pace, keep at. it will come

Hi John

Can i ask you what keeps you motivated?

I am on my third stroke ( been told i have a small vessel pathology)


regard mike

Hi Mike, I have been very motivated all my life. I come from a very ordinary family and from childhood I was given the impression I would never amount to much in life. Something inside me told me to show people they were wrong.

Also, I stick at things. I just keep trying. So motivation must be in my genes and a response to people seeing me as something other than I think I am. So, having fought through my life, I fight on now. I try never to let circumstance get me down

This year I had a second minor stroke. That knocked my confidence, but I've got it back.  Stroke is the last thing I thought would impact on my life, but it did and I have to deal with it.

Thanks john

I  have to say my first stroke was easier to get over, but the third is proving  a bigger hurdle with mobility and depression.

I hope you will keep working at recovery. Good luck.