Best company for disabled travellers

I am considering blowing my retirement money on a European River Cruise. (Impulsivity at play, contained for now). Anyone familiar with Viking cruises?



We went on a river cruise on the Danube in August 2022, with Emerald Cruises. They were very good and we thoroughly enjoyed it. The ports of call were very interesting. We were in the minority of passengers as Brits, I would say almost half the passengers were from the USA and a lot from Brazil. The ship was lovely and the Danube scenery is stunning. The food on board was excellent and our cabin was very nice.

I was in full health then so can’t comment on how they are if you have any additional needs.




I’m not familiar with that cruiseliner.

I am going on Christmas Caribbean Cruise for 10 days. I cannot wait.

I hope you can take more cruises soon.

Take good care.

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I heard the Danube river cruise with Emerald Cruises is fantastic.


Hi DeAnn
That was my initial plan and my wife’s

But the level of mobility required means embarking and disembarking is not straightforward so any schedule d stops and tours are difficult something my good lady doesn’t feel conducive to a goo d adventure so perhaps when I walk again like a previously unaffected person


What places would you like to visit when you get better?

Many European rivers France Germany etc.


Sounds great.

Keep on getting better, Mark. You can do it. I have faith in your progress.


Have you thought about hiring a mobility scooter or electric wheelchair? I resisted it for a long time because I thought it would hamper my recovery, but it has been very helpful for covering long distances, especially on excursions that are time restricted.


Thanks Matthew you have more than I do
It seems such a long time to be so disabled.

Yes Mathew I have considered one and for the time it takes to get walking again I’d have one the biggest problem is livin in a very steep valley with no flat areas bar road surfaces and my driveway is 1:2 gradient so would topple just going down it to get to the next steep decent.
So no not at present but maybe in the future


60 years young!!!

Have fun!

K :polar_bear: :wink:

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Hi Mark.

I don’t want to bother you, but is walking the main issue for you? I gather it is. So, that’s what prevents you from doing outings. I just wanted to know.

You’ll walk better over time; just keep on practicing. I have faith in your progress. I know how hard it is, as my mother had a bad stroke a few years ago.


Yes Matthew my life would be transformed if I could walk as near to my old self as possible a real game changer.
Currently with the physio helping to improve my current walking with a stick.

I keep pushing the envelope but that smooth two leg gait is still locked in brain repair mode.
Thanks for the info it’s all time bound so doing the best. I can.


Dunno if this is any help to anyone, but we’re off on a couple of months to Spain with my daughter, partner and the grand kids. Her partner has FM from a car accident and often can’t walk so needs to use a wheelchair.
My wife’s organising it all as this is her forte. She went into a local travel agents to ask which hotels were wheelchair friendly. The agent had no idea which I was quite surprised at. She suggested my wife went onto, choose the hotel and there’s an option to search through reviews and you search for the word “wheelchair”. A bit long winded, but it was very helpful. She found some hotels were completely slated and some people were impressed with.

Food for thought…



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I’ve been doing exactly that looking for hotels that can accommodate my mobility issues. It is time consuming but does rule places in or out.

So trues mrs5k, puts my wife off the whole thing that and the unstable planet and its wars.

May be in a few years they go by quick enough.

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