Been of for while mental health not so good

Since going on holiday to Tenerife first time on a plane in 4 years was bit apprehensive about taking electric wheelchair, but no need as special assistance was 10 straight through all the normal thing’s others have to do passport control security baggage all done for you, first in line big taxi waiting for us hotel excellent, bit worried about take of as really pushes chest in but excellent holiday.


@Mickyboy sorry to hear you’re mental health isn’t too good but glad you had a lovely holiday. I love Tenerife. Where abouts in Tenerife did you go?


Excellent @Mickyboy

I’m so glad you got all the extra assistance as I did when I flew to Norway a few months ago… It makes it so much easier! Sounds like your MH is improving? not prying and tell me to shut up but you sound positive!!!

That’s really good and makes me think actually although the airports were excellent the trip wasn’t and I’m a bit scared to try again but you make me feel good about never saying never say never so thanks.


:polar_bear: :wink:




I’m Kieran.

Are you ok?

Quite worried about your post to be honest!! Are you advocating prevention of those things or struggling yourself?

Either way please post you’re ok.



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I’m doing ok just get down now and then, bit anxious as I’m due tooth out couple weeks but better out than half in thanks for message


Hope the tooth extraction goes ok. Problem teeth are troublesome x

Teeth hard take care of when have Tia or strokes

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