Bathroom Scales

Need advice/help.

Looking to purchase some bathroom scales but unable to decide between mechanical & digital.

I've read some ? customer comments for both and some ? for both.

whilst in hospital(s) last year I did lose 3 stone? which for me was a blessing as I was pretty overweight, now I'm counting my calorie intake to control my weight but need a dependable bathroom scales?

Any help in that dept would be appreciated.



I have digital. Important thing is to be able to get on and off them.

Hi - I got mine from John Lewis.  They are digital and the battery has just been replaced after 3 years.  They are part of their 'Home' range which I believe is lewis's home brand. They are glass which is quite cold on bare feet in this weather! Brrr!   The best news is they are accurate. I weighed myself a little while ago just before I went for an MOT at my new GP's. I always do it first thing on a morning, after going to the loo, naked and before breakfast.  The weight I got at home was the same at the surgery so that's good. I hasten to add that I wasn't naked at the surgery but they allow 2 pounds for clothing blushwink Except when I've put weight on that is and then I say they must be lying!!

Hello, what model is the one you have?

just out of curiosity?

It's called 'House' by John Lewis and the numbers on it are 9093 GY3RJLP and underneath the numbers 2616. Its grey glass with a silver insert. Does kg and BMI too. Hope that helps. Can't remember how much they were - not mega expensive - about £25 ish.