Hi my Dad(age 73) had a stroke in 2014 which he recovered quite well from.He has had speech difficulties and I have had some good advce on the forum regarding this.However in the last 18 months he has deteriorated quite a lot-he was gardening/driving/walking to park etc but in the last 18 months this has gradually ended.His main problem is his right leg and arm.He tries to move his right leg to walk but the signal from brain to leg is not working.Doctors have said it is dyspraxia and recommended phyio but it seems strange for all this to come on so many years later.Does anyone have any advice?We have an apt at the hospital on Tuesday but don't seem to be getting any answers.His cholesterol /blood pressure and lifestyle are good.He is very tired and falling over everyday now because of his right leg.Hope someone has some advice.Many thanks Julie.

Hi Julie

I am sorry to hear that your dad seems to have deteriorated over the last 18 months, like you say this is unusual as stroke is not a progressive condition. However, it certainly sounds like you're doing the right things by taking him to his GP, seeing a physiotherapist and an upcoming hospital appointment - I hope they manage to find an appropriate treatment for him. 

Due to him falling over and getting tired, I wonder if his GP could look at him receiving a referral with an occupational therapist who can look at putting any aids or adaptations in his home to support him, and in turn hopefully help with the tiredness from the falls and issues with his arm and leg.

I really hope the hospital appointment goes well, do let us know how get gets on.

Take care



Hi Vicki thanks for your response its really appreciated.He had a head and neck MRI 2 weeks ago and get the results next week so will see what comes of that.Yes house adapted thanks.Hopefully scan will shed more light to what is going on.Thanks again.x