Atrial fibrillation

Hi, I hope that the Ablation has done the trick. AF can be difficult to detect. I have the KardiaMobile app on my phone. I can do a basic ECG any time using this. The ECG will show in words if there is any Atrial Fibrillation is detected. The cost of the App and kit is about £100. I find this invaluable.

I recently had an Ablation operation. No AF has been detected since the operation, which is amazing.

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Hi @Gcmorris
You’ve awakened an old thread :slight_smile: to good effect I think because folk should be aware of the afib status

I have an omrom BP monitor (about 45£ on eBay) and it has afib detection built in - that may be a solution others wish to consider - I guess it’s less effective than a dedicated machine?



I have a Braun BP monitor as was diagnosed with afb after my stroke (cerebella and ischemic) 3 years ago apart from my monitor showing afb when I occasionally take blood pressure I have no idea that I have it. Lots of medication and I must lose 2 stone as I put that on when in hospital (very good food). Very envious of the walkers as still wobbly when walking. Welcome to new members , the forum is excellent and informative.