Thanks for update, ?xx

I had a TIA two months ago. Put on Atorvastatin and Clopidogrel since then. Only last week I changed Atorvastatin to Rosuvastatin due to the side effects I suffered from - muscle and joint pain plus headache/dizziness.  I have been on Rosuvastatin for more than a week.  Headache/Dizziness is the thing that bothered me every day.  Is it normal and how long the side effect will stay on???

Hi Colin

Wish it's just as you say.However,I have alot of confidence that one day I will wake up and this whole thing will be over.

Having said this,I get some pretty good days when I feel normal,then out of nowhere my head starts again with same feelings and aches.

I was having same,but joint pains doesn't  bother me that much these days.Keep exercising,nothing too much(gently exercise) everyday.

The headaches or funny feeling I get in my head,not sure why but i assume its healing process.

Been to stroke unit twice all they say, is that its called"functional". Once am not having a stroke am fine,so hard to concentrate when I have ongoing headaches or funny feelings in my head.



Hi Lexy

How have you been.Have you recovered now.I am 1 year and and almost a month into my recovery since my stroke last year.


Hi Lexy Sorry to hear your problems with Atorvastatin, God knows you have enough without that as well, try and keep on statins there are others like Rosuvastatin and sim vastatin, They are important as I'm sure you know. Good luck

Interesting, seems to me that headaches, dizziness and light headed could be related to the damage caused by the stroke. Yes, I do walk every day to stretch my legs. As you said, the joint and muscle pains don't bother me too much as long as they are mild and not too painful.  Feeling woosy and can't concentrate are really annoying.  Thanks for sharing, very kind of you.