Artery of Percheron Stroke and Executive Functions

Hello @nadine.parkinson
Sorry you and your husband have both had cause to join the ranks of our family of #StrokeWarriors - but welcome now you’re here; know you now have many comrades who understand the challenges and will give emotional support, practical advice and the benefit of our experiences that will show you you’re not alone

Stroke will affect you both in different ways. But the health profession is really only geared up to see one of the people now facing multiple challenges to battle everyday.

A really important consideration is that you reach out for help and take it wherever you can find it; because you are now a fulcrum for everything - bearing the pressure

There are many support groups around the country - you may find it useful to use the stroke association ‘find on a map’ link -Map of local support groups | Stroke Association

You’ll find the pages on the forum have much wisdom hidden in plain sight that will be relevant to you. I say hidden in plain sight because the challenge is in finding information amongst the 100,000 posts or so and separating out the stuff that is relevant to others but not your case

The magnifying glass of the head of the page (slightly more info on how in the welcome post referred to above) will help you find info and so might some of our best posts

You might also find the appendix of Jill Taylor’s book about what she wanted to tell family and friends when she had locked in syndrome. Locked in syndrome as affected many people who have with hard work and battling the challenges - true stroke warriors - got back on their feet

Once again sorry you’ve had cause to join us. Keep reading and you will find many of the answers, that for the next few months and years life will present you both with the matched questions


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